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July 02, 2014


The use of the term: "Reality Check" is one I credit to a band I used to see a lot in Salisbury Beach MA, at a place called, Kon Tikis during the 90's.. The band is/was called the Bars, the lead singer a great entertainer, liked to grab the attention of the audience at the end of a rock & roll song sometimes by suddenly shouting out - "Reality Check*!?" The crowd would go crazy screaming out "reality check" too, and he'd repeat it, 3 or 4 times.

So I might sit here and wonder, what is reality? But I've known what reality is for real for many years now. It's not a mystery to me. But it is to others.

Of course the problem with "reality" is that my reality might not be yours. Actually that's not a "might", it's true, it's not. And therein lies the problem with reality. 


The fact is the universe is made up of energy in the form of molecules, none of which follow any laws other than the boring laws of physics. As far as us humans go, these molecules could care less about us. So it is that solids don't exist, except as we see them that way, and our perceptions are naturally subjective, meaning we create our own reality with these molecules. Now, given that I know that, it would seem a simple thing to control the dark and light matter that comprises the universe and to become wealthy and carefree. Well, yes, that's true to an extent, but the reality we grow up in is pretty substantial, nearly impossible to separate oneself from it.

Those are molecules... the makeup to our virtually reality world we call ourselves, or us and me... Our world.

Reality is subjective, meaning that it comes from within ourselves.

Reality, and what it is isn't a mystery to me. I'm concerned about myself, and others.

Nearing 60, I'm not in a position to continue working much longer in a society that in only 6 years has become a "motivation arena", the working model for a successful company. Turn your employees into robots. Emphasize benefits (for which you get a discount), act wisely when giving pay-increases (none), bonuses, gifts - the latter is a Malteze Falcon.

The result - zombie employees, scared for their future, all with their own story about what the "Great Recession of 2008" was about for them.It certainly had an effect on me as that was during the time I was looking to step up to a better job, to last me 10 years until I was 66. Didn't happen. Sucks!

We discussed "workplace zombies", and vampires are based on "science" the result of marijuana use. That's why marijuana is a Schedule One drug... extremely dangerous!!!

The thing is, a vampire can't become a "WPZ" (Work Place Zombie), as marijuana infuses the human brain in mysterious ways, yet well known ways. It actually blocks the zombification that happens to non-users. However being a vampire on the job doesn't make life easier. One must wait until darkness falls to satisfy our needs.

I brought up manifestos in the title as the teen well know from California murdered several people there. He wrote a manifesto. My only question is when did writing become a manifesto? Is this media hype? I understand he wrote stuff, but I'm simply questioning how this becomes a Hitleresk mantra. Killing people like he did is bizarre behavior. Nothing less. Not that I believe he's insane... quite the opposite, he knew exactly what he was doing, as did the Colorado Theater killer. They knew exactly what they were doing.

The big question is what contributes to this bizarre behavior? Only thing I can suggest is that we've become a much more "in control" society, where most aspects of a child's life is orchestrated and planned. When I was a kid in the 50's and early 60's I did what I wanted... there were none of these organized events for children. W, the surrounding neighborhood created our own baseball team. There was never any press involved, making us headline news.

Wow, almost forgot.... Happy July 4th!!!

May the friendly fireworks be in your favor.

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