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October 05, 2014


Who do you think you are?

That question is what's called a "million dollar question". It's worth that as there are a million or more answers and a million or more ways to even understand the question

I could ask that question in a quizzical way, in the form of scolding, as a teacher, as a philosopher, as a writer, as a scholar...

Who do I think I am? It depends upon when you ask and why you are asking?

I've run the gamut being asked that question, under a lot of guises and with many an answer. It wasn't always the right answer or the expected one.

What I though would be interesting is to ask myself that question now. The guise is curiosity, a desire to share, and my love for fantasy.

I think I'm pretty young, though I generally feel like crap. I think I'm a writer, although all I write is this blog, e-mails, and articles for work. I think I am confused, often. I think that's a part of being human. I also think I may not be confused for much longer.

I am 60 years old. That means nothing to me. Death means nothing to me either other than it's inevitable, but since I can't stop it, there's no reason to try. More important things to do.

I think I am a shaman, a wizard, in fact I know I am. If that sounds odd, it shouldn't. We are all someone, and how odd we are someone from within a fairytale.

Magic comes with a price... I'm paying it. But magic does not have to be costly... nor marvelous. Just helping someone across the street can be magical. It's an action that helps others - the magic being you did it. The cost, you altered time.

I don't know how many of you out there have watched ABC's "Once Upon A Time"? I stumbled upon it trying to find another title on NetFlix I had been watching that was similar. I'm in the third season and there's a forth on it's way: ABC TV LINK: "ONCE UPON A TIME".

Sorry, no pictures from me. I would love to show some of my favorite scenes, but TV studious tend to be sensitive about posting such things, which if linked back to them I can't see a problem with it, but not taking the risk.


Like many shows this one gave me a slow, hesitant start. The other fantasy show I'd been watching was darker, with more action and believable characters. In "Once Upon A Time" the characters were more make-believe, the story line more contrived, and predictable.

Partly by Season Two the story began to take off... the characters became more believable and the action more interesting.

Essentially what we have is a town called "Story Brook". All the characters in it were put there from a cure by the evil queen. Originally no one remembered who they were previously, in the enchanted forest from whence thy came. The story line follows the characters in Story Brook, and a child who was sent back before the curse who finds the hidden town and becomes sheriff. Eventually the curse is altered and the citizens regain their memories, some sooner than that.

Flashbacks occur where one is in Story Brook one minute and living in the enchanted forest the next. Much is said about magic.

My review is not about the entire story which I'm still watching, it's about life. It's a show I like to watch because I like myth, magic and fairy-tales.

After watching such a show if you were to ask me, who do I think I am, I would answer, Rumpelstiltskin. By far my favorite character of the show the one I identify with the most. There is a Prince Charming, and a Snow White, an Evil Queen, a few Fairies, a Giant, Dwarves,  a Capt. Hook, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood... many more.

But my favorite character as I said is Rumpelstiltskin. Weaving straw into gold, of course, but finding true love, casting spells, being both evil and loved. He's called the "Dark One" too, now where have I heard that said before?

I believe our world still possesses magic and plenty of myth to stimulate us. I also see where we are being told or there are those among us trying to tell us we are all one. One mind, one road, one way to think.

The next time you meet someone interesting, but a bit odd, ask them, curiously, who do they think they are?

Rumpelstiltskin - Once upon A Time - ABC TV

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