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December 24, 2014


I want to wish everyone in the world a Happy Christmas! However I know many will not benefit from a wish like that. It's foolish to believe a wish, one wish will change the world. Wishes have to become wants, and wants need a resource to grow. That is life.

The previous year for me saw a lot of changes at my job. I do IT. I've been at the company 15 years. I live 75 miles away from where i work. Starting this past July I have been able to work from home Mondays and Tuesdays of every week. In addition, the previous winter I saved around 11 vacation days that I would have had to use for bad, wintery weather. All that was a big change for our company. Odd how fast change can be.~.

I'm alone this Christmas with my cat. I actually like it. Keeping myself busy. Worked until noon. Party downstairs - landlady and her boyfriend. I wasn't invited. Known them personally for 15 years.

Yeah 15 years... for me my current lucky number.

What else?

Oh, I got that 2004 Subaru Outback... had to replace the head-gaskets, timing belt, axles, a wheel bearing, routine brakes; beautiful car, very good in the snow, slush and gulp, not sure yet on ice, but a lot of that depends on the tires. I put Pirelli All Weather tires on it and so far, so good.

Working on moving... Going to buy a house for the first time. Rather being booted from where I've lived the past eight years. So, moving, yeah. Not a subject i wish to discuss.

Had not been talking to my mother for a few years. Good thing as we're so far talking again, no problems.

World Peace? N/A

Health: Debatable

Climate: Messed up

Marijuana Prohibition: Jingle, jingle... 4 US states have legalized marijuana for adults 21 and older. The states will grow their own. No drug cartel is involved. 3 additional cities, and more:

Portland ME, S. Portland ME, and a city in PA in addition to Washington D.C., legalized recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21. But the Congress is alleged to have passed an emergency bill forbidding Washington D.C. from growing and providing their own weed.

Work: Going well

Car: Running very well.

Cat: Doing very well

Still single.

Happy New Year!

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