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March 02, 2015


In 40 years I still don't understand marijuana prohibition. Someone asked me the other day why I was so obsessed with legalization? I wanted say simply, it's wrong to persecute people because of it, however I felt the individual knew that already. I answered at age 20 I had an undiagnosed condition of autism and PTSD. I was immune to my surroundings, making friends, feeling a part of the world and a member of society. School was a do what you're told, as was my home life, my life in general.

Nothing happened the first time I smoked marijuana, in Florida around a campfire. But the smell of it lingers today. That is actually a common phenomenon. Not feeling "high" the first or second time. I'm unaware of any studies about this. I will let you know when I do.

I was 16 then and extremely anti-pot... so why did I do it? To feel cool? To mesh with the crowd?

I did it because I did it. I was on vacation in Florida and I didn't feel compelled to say no.

3 years later that changed, as I've written previously. Back in my hometown with a childhood friend, about age 19, we met another friend. He offered us pot. Being in my hometown, I freaked inside, thought about calling the police, running, scolding my friend. I got my wits about me, as did my other friend apparently who must have had similar thoughts, and we went to our friens house and got stoned.

Oh, I felt it... opened up the whole world to me. I was suddenly conscious of life and it's beauty. I became aware of others and more interested in learning.

Yes, so I'm a proponent of legaliztion. Which only makes me wonder when I read stuff like this posted on Alternet:

AlterNet's 5 Ways Pot is bad...

Over the edge in my opinion. I understand educating the public, but this is not education, a waste of tax-payer money. Apparently the ads are targeted towards youth. Give them PTSD before they're old enough to try it (pot). Do they get similar alcohol, tobacco education? I have to wonder. This is in states that have legalized it's use for adults like Colorado. The prohibitionists still trying to enforce their moral values and hysterics.

Even in states where marijuana is legal for medicinal use the red tape is extraordinary. One would thing  they were signing up to possess a nuke. One can own a gun with little or no hassle. Is all this red tape really necessary for something on par with coffee??? Maine Medical Marijuana Law - PDF Three states have now legalized marijuana for use by adults. Where is the colossal wave of homicides, rapes, suicides often attributed to it's use?

It's a plant. After a few years getting high it's not about getting "high".... for those suffering from debilitating conditions it's a godsend, cannabis has very few side effects, and it's effective even if the high gradually wanes, with little inherit desire to find a higher high, though that may happen. Getting high is enjoyable, but it's also therapeutic. I find that exciting.

AlterNet's 4 Ways Cannabis is good for you...

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