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January 30, 2016


Everyone considered individually - how did we come to be where we are now? You might well imagine, given statistics, at any given moment an infinite number of things are happening.

Sex for the first time
Falling asleep
Getting to work
Lighting a joint

About to get murdered, get an award, get arrested, win a $500 million lottery!

Right now, somehow, we got to where we're at.

We're feeling what?

I ponder how I got here now all the time. I shouldn't. But I have my reasons. Before I provide those reasons, a friend of mine just provided me with an epiphany. An old friend - we go back to the 70's. You may need to read it a few times.

"It's only how we got here. 

If we have free will the future is open to a myriad of possibilities and if we don't it's not worth worrying about."

It doesn't matter what job I work, how I'm doing,  how successful I am, how depressed. 

Right now my major stress is my job. I've been there 16 years, full time doing technical support for computer software. I got there because in the 90's I got to love computers.

Fast forwards and frankly it's a nightmare. What was a well defined though chaotic job has become a circus where us employees are the circus animals. Finding a new job is the only out, and playing along doing what one can to add sanity is all one can do. 

But it goes deeper, into the whole concept of Work/Life management. Age doesn't matter. However age does factor in.

When younger the tendency is to weigh one's life towards thyself. Work 20 hours a week overtime, but it's nothing compared to what one does when they not working. Get older, you're more likely to sleep when not working. I'm 61. 

My job has begun to expect working after hours, on weekends. Their argument is "salary". Salary means you can leave early, no punching out, just let supervisor know. In return, work extra, no change in money earned. Salary is fixed income. 

This post isn't about my job however. It is about how we got here.

I'm not blind to the potential of this post... statistically any number of things are happening to people at any given moment. Much is beyond our control right now. 

I simply wish to share some wisdom... that helped me understand Work/Life balance. 

One needs to start somewhere. 

If we have free will the future is open to a myriad of possibilities and if we don't it's not worth worrying about."


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