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March 12, 2017


I begin sadly with news that my partner, Kramer the cat, pictured at the top of my blog, a Maine Coon cat, passed away February 28, 2017. He was around 16 - 18 years of age. R.I.P. Kramer.

I have a new cat now I adopted from a local humane society. His name is Henry, 7 years old, 10.5 pounds, and although all black, looks very much like predominately Maine Coon cat too. 

Moving forwards...

Winter isn't over in Maine. Yeah, I live in Maine, same state as Stephen King. Yes, there's something strange about my town. Let's just say at present it's a good strange.

Winter storm Stella is more than a storm, it's a blizzard. From what I have found out, it is centered over MA, DC, NH, much of PA NY, and ME. It's 6PM and there's probably about 15"  with drifts as high as 3 feet or more. It's supposed to continue throughout the night, into tomorrow.

My whole office of 20 worked from home today. Works for me and the company.

My friend down the road, if there is a road, went out to snow-blow. The temperature is 26 degrees, humidity 99%. Winds around 40mph and higher. Not the day to work on a snow-blower. He'd made it through 3 major storms this winter, and now this.

Another friend, a member of a FaceBook club, espied a found relic, dog-tags from the civil war, in the form of a coin. A quote from my other friend, identifies the Civil War soldier: "William W. McClary served in the New Hampshire Volenteer Militia in the Civil War , Died in 1864 at 17 years 1 month , he is buried in Alexandria , NH ..." Which just happens to be a stones throw from my friend's house. It's going up for bid on E-Bay -starting bid, $999. My friend is upset as he believes it should be donated to the Historic society. Anyone who buys is encouraged to donate it to the Alexandria Historic Society in NH.

My new cat must be part vampire, and the rest is Maine Coon cat. That would explain him sleeping all day, and here it is, 6:20, still not up. Waiting for me to feed him. And rolls around at night chasing his pet mice.

Oh, and marijuana is legal for adults in Maine now. Then again, there's so much more... 


  1. Sorry to hear about Kramer. He lived a long life, congrats! My cats are anything BUT part vampire...think they sleep until they ONLY hear the food bowl move! Your style of writing is enjoyable to read. Do you have any other blogs/readings? Cheers from sunny South Africa....MissMixy :-)

    1. Mixy, very honored by your kudos :) It's enough to write one blog. I have been guest writers on other blogs, always wanted to write, and find a Blog to be perfect.