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October 28, 2009

NH Senate Fails in Vote to Over-Ride Govenor's Veto - RE: "Medical marijuana"

I'm dumbfounded that cannabis, aka marijuana, is illegal in the first place. What really befuddles me is why the governor of NH would veto a bill previously put on his desk to allow person's in NH the right the use cannabis with a doctor's approval. He states: because of cultivation and distribution concerns. Makes no sense, really, unless, are we dealing (no pun intended) with nuclear material here??? Like super dangerous likely to cause huge portions of the population to vomit and jump out windows? Seems the recent "Great Recession"/ aka 2ND Great Depression, caused enough of that!

So seriously, is cannabis really that serious a drug to warrant these extreme concerns over cultivation and distribution? Personally I cringe at the amount of money we have wasted for over the past 72 years... not just law enforcement expenditures, but human suffering as a result of persecution - a friend spending a year in jail for a joint??? Then there's tax benefits...  just as we tax any recreational drug... just think of the money lost to cartels, which are no different than the Al Capone's of alcohol prohibition.

Seriously, don't you think we have far more important matters to be concerned with?

I wrote to my state senator an hour or so ago, hoping they didn't vote against the bill to over-ride the governor's veto.

The house voted 240-115 to approve the veto over-ride; The senate 14-10 against. Damn shame!


The most harmful consequence of cannabis/marijuana use is the law. 

Update: I received the following e-mail today from the senator's aide:

Thank you for writing to Senator *****. I will make sure she sees your message.  Yesterday, she voted to override the Governor's veto of HB 648.  Unfortunately, the motion came up two votes short and so the veto remains.
Thanks for your interest!

It was a response with a very professional appearance. I'm only posting the text portion   answering my concerns. 

I'm impressed!

1 comment:

  1. I agree the goverment has wasted enough money on this.They should legalize pot and then they can make money on it instead of waste money.