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October 26, 2009

POST XXV - Brianna Maitland - On Slam Dunks Now

My latest post as a guest with fellow blogger, Slam Dunk. Our combined talents together following and providing insight into a case involving a person missing since March 19, 2004... Brianna Maitland is still missing... Highlights of this post, in addition to it being close to Halloween, are that it adresses a puzzling clue - about a lime wedge. It was seen on the trunk of her car - found smashed into the side of an old, abandoned, farmhouse. Speculation was and still is, 'did she stop and have a drink with friend(s)?'


  1. Hey Bob,
    I've read all the posts you wrote over at slam dunk's blog. I very much enjoyed reading your posts. I came over here hoping for more about Brianna Maitland. Are you going to write more about this case? Is there more to write? Did they ever charge the boyfriend or convince him to tell the whole story? I knew from the first mention of him driving by the car that night that there was something real wrong with that story. I have lots more questions about this case. Thanks to you for the work you have done trying to find her and the truth.

  2. Carmac, thank-you!

    Both for the questions and reading with interest my posts here and at Slam Dunks.

    I do not plan to write about Brianna on my blog. There may be some additional posts at Slam Dunks - we have discussed the idea. I am also considering publishing her story.

    The reason I wrote about Brianna at SD's was that he already had several posts about her published when I discovered his site. I offered to provide my insight from personal experience helping the family, and he graciously accepted.

    There was a family forum from 2004 to about 2007, in which I wrote a "Profile of Brianna", as well as hundreds of other articles... but the forum was very difficult for the family to maintain - was hacked several times. A few years passed when I accidentally found SD and posted as a guest.

    I started my own blog after that... which as I'm sure you can see, covers the primary reason why her case started off so badly; the fact that she liked cannabis. So one of my goals on my blog is to push the fact that the most dangerous issue with cannabis use are the laws against it.

    I'm just finishing my series of posts titled "Marijuana Madness - 2010", and that will conclude my argument for legalization. I then have many more ideas that I find personally of interest.

    To me blogging is a very good way to finally post topics that have a lot of importance to me. It is difficult work, but rewarding.

    Most rewarding are hearing from people like yourself. I thank-you for your comment and reading my posts!