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May 23, 2010

UNDER THE RUG... by BobKat - Introduction

This isn't the first post in this blog-topic... but it'll bring you up to speed. The whole idea behind BobKat's Lair is as an individual... I have experiences... knowledge, and a great education. An "education" not simply composed of conventional education, but rather, exploitation of the conventional, and a whole personal degree of exploration into knowledge that is out there - by being unconventional in my early 20's, I learned things that would carry forwards way into my future... things I often wonder if "ignorance" wouldn't have been a better option?

Well, "no"... not a better option. Unfortunately, what I discovered "Under The Rug"... changed my life; in varying degrees others have discovered similar things... and what makes life interesting is when we share these things...

So let's see what's ... Under the rug...

Ah, a dime.

Yeah, money... it's the first thing we tend to see... doesn't matter the amount... could be only a penny.

Plenty more under the rug. And how do I know that? Years of being a "skilled laborer"... a custodian at colleges, universities and public schools... kinda scary, knowing that a self-aware individual such as myself, had inside access to the real goings ons of public education, and in addition, I have three college degrees... a BA in English tops them out... so i wasn't just your "typical" toilet cleaner...

But I learned a lot about "cleaning up a mess".

We can start with the Mass Destruction" caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, a subject "experts" have "under control"... nothing to wory about - other than mass destruction. This given the scientific knowledge we are taught to believe will protect us! Such as the federal, shoot us in the foot laws, making cannabis illegal, and anyone suspected of possession of such a deadly drug are subject to a myriad of attacks... such as the following YOUTUBE video: (Caution - Contains Extreme Graphic Violence): Police Raid: Target: Small Quanity of Marijuana!  showing a family being raided, their dogs shot and killed, a 7 year old traumatized...

... and all for a grinder, and a couple of joints! Gosh, I feel so safe!!!

People simply don't die using cannabis... and yes the same can be true with use of alcohol. The difference is one is legal, the other is not, and the one that is legal has a much higher propensity towards abuse, one that does often lead to death. Compared to the one that is illegal, this is the fox in the hen-house. To compare alcohol to cannabis is like comparing a dog to a cat...

To add to the problem, tobacco, and it's legal industry contributes another drug that is not only highly addictive, and quite deadly, but readily available - and key to a government's tax base. A "conflict of interest", might you not agree?

An up-coming vote in California might very well make us cannabinoid vampires legal, with 54% of CA in favor of legalization.

I might also point out - the recent law in Arizona re: immigration, the illegal kind. Apparently 2/3rds of those in AZ approve of the law, that is expected to promote racial prejudice and racial profiling. The law is in great part to a lack of a solution on the federal government's level... which shouldn't come as a surprise. The last time this was a huge issue was in the early 1930's... the era of the Great Depression.

Southern states back then were pleading with the federal government for a solution to the illegal immigration of Mexicans. And due in great part to the industrious efforts of a few very wealthy sponsors, Reefer Madness was born, ala... Mexicans had it... so restrict them because of it... and so they convinced Washington to outlaw cannabis to control the influx of Mexicans. It's all on the DVD in my Media List at the bottom of my blog... "Illegal Drugs - How they Got that Way..." by the History channel/A&E.

Trouble is, despite President Obama's pledge for "Change in America", it appears to be more of the same... which since i voted for him, and believed in his truth, I now have to accept, it's more of the same.

On a recent CNN interview with the current drug czar, and the original guy - William Bennett, it was obvious that rational thinking isn't going to prevail in Washington. The following link is from the current drug czar as he addresses LE in Calif. He make's it clear legalization of cannabis is a "no-starter". They plan on more anti-drug advertisements... and although he admits alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis, he quickly states it's because cannabis is illegal, and contained.

Too bad the "oil spill" in the Gulf couldn't also be contained... but hey... the US is all about big business, especially those that can't fail. The DEA included... legalize cannabis and the "war in Mexico" ends, and the DEA has to lay off 100,000 operatives.  And the US needs to figure out what to do with several million suddenly legal individuals that pay a tax for legal ganja... oh my god... what to do about the alcohol and tobacco lobby when they aren't included in this new development???

In a TWO PARTY SYSTEM there is only room for this or that... Americans need to be content with two choices, no more, no less...

Please, read our current drug czar's speech to LE in Calif:


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