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May 25, 2010

UNDER THE RUG... My Summer Vacation - by BobKat

No one seems to write about their summer vacations anymore. Or maybe it's that we're not in high school anymore? problem with that idea, is I'm reminded often how adults need to act according to as if they were children. For example:

1) At my job review I was told my performance should be seen like I'm in HS... if given assignments, even those outside of my job reqs, I need to jump, fast!

2) I'm not suppose to use ganja... sure it's safer than alcohol or tobacco, but according to my previously posted link to or current federal drug czar (what's his name? How'd you like that job - real popular with the women, or is it the girls?)... fact is ganja use is based on a what-if scenario that a person under 21 should get access to it. #1, it's illegal, thank god, it's SO dangerous. Better that under ageling get a hold of alcohol or tobacco - they're legal for adults, and so, abuse is greatly diminished.

This is government science... like the science I suggested is involved in containing the mass destructive oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico... Company BP had no plan to deal with such a spill, but that's okay... it's legal to drill a mile beneath the ocean's surface. There are risks, but according to science, the likelihood of a catastrophic disaster is near zero... similar to a kid faced with a choice of alcohol or ganja: If he chooses alcohol, he's only breaking one law. If he chooses ganja, he's breaking two laws, or is it one? Under 21, both are illegal... but I guess the point is... one is far worst for you than the other...

As for adults and my vacation...?

I got sick Sunday with a bad virus... terrible cough, congestion, fever... the good news? I didn't have to call in sick Monday morning. I get to try and sleep, and rest... and I quit smoking tobacco again, cold turkey, I have been so sick.

Sure would be nice to have a flying squirrel fly by and drop a few purple daze buds... in these parts we have flying squirrels like that. Occasionally F&G shoots them as they fly around the forest... but they breed pretty quickly...

Ah, yep... enjoying my vacation - first 10 days off in 4 years. Let go of the 8 hour day, the 3 and 1/2 hour commute! The car that has 220,000 miles on it and i can't afford a new car especially as no raise this year.

I'm drinking a beer, 4PM... hope all at work miss me, but then we could so easily be reassigned to India... if only... and only Tuesday... time to rest... write, play poker, and enjoy the only retirement I will ever know - my ten day retirement in the year 2010.

I'll meditate on the governments fact that the "reason cannabis is safer than alcohol is it's illegal"... that and those "empty swimming pool ads" back in the 80" were "very effective"... to screw adults and explain to children: "you've got three choices in life when it comes to drugs... 1) either prescribed by a doctor, or none at all; 2) alcohol (when 21) 3) tobacco (age 18)... the latter, it'll kill you, but not as quickly as a bullet to the head, but it will kill you. But hey, think of the taxes we get from tobacco??? Sure marijuana is safer, but it's too safe... there needs to be risk, of a hang-over at the least, cancer at best.

Two days off the tobacco... watching for flying squirrels...

Could write more... simply exhausted and sick, and fed up with government undersight and oversight.

Maybe Mr. President Obama will listen to me, and use every means at his disposal to bring the bleeding artery of oil in the Gulf to an end, and stop harassing ganja users... cannabis IS safer- even if legal, despite your "science", which is flawed!!!

In 1977 I believe it was cannabis was legal for one day, signed into law along with the legal right to brew home wine and beer. President Jimmy Carter felt strongly as American Citizens we had the right to use those organic substances. Too bad, we still believe in "Reefer Madness"... what a waste of minds!!!


  1. If people can use marijuana legally, won't they become zombies?

    I heard using it once in your life will kill you or make you completely insane.

    What you're saying about alcohol and tobacco can't be true, how bad they are? If they were that bad, and legal, what kind of message is that for young people???

  2. Don't worry... cannabis, aka "marijuana" won't be legal anytime soon, and yes, it's "true"... our first drug czar said that - that one hit of marijuana and you're lost to the world forever... instant zombie.