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August 30, 2010


Last edited, Aug. 31, 2010

Jessica Butts, age 12, raped and murdered. Atlanta TX, 1992.

Along with her mother, Gerri, 29, who was strangled, and baby Mackenzie, age 3, drowned in the bathtub.

Maybe you've read I was an advocate for Brianna Maitland, of VT, who disappeared March 19, 2004... but prior to that I learned of the Butts family, and their triple murder. Their case is what got me revved up to volunteer to help not only the Maitlands, but Maura Murray too, who disappeared Feb. 09, 2004, in Woodsville, NH, who also is still missing.

On the one hand, with the Butts family, there are the brutal, tragic multiple murders of 3 innocent people. On the other hand, the shocking disappearance of a person with the shadow of foul-play hanging for what seems like eternity over what happened and where are they.

The Butts family murders are tragic in another way too, in that the suspect, Kevin Hailey, has been the primary suspect all along... from the beginning, and the evidence in the case, more than an investigator could ever want. Yet, nearly 20 years after the fact, the case is, in my opinion, still  locked and located, not in a prison cell, but rather, a political  nightmare - the makings of a good mystery novel perhaps, except, when considering the victims, it's a sham!

I am not law enforcement... but I have connections. And quite by coincidence, in helping the Maitland family, I was asked to work with a criminal profiler from Texas who offered his assistance to the Maitlands. I call him Sam, at his request, but it turns out, ironically, he was a detective at the time of the Butts family murders, working with the Texarkana  PD, who initially investigated the murder of the Butts family.

Small world!

This link is to the original website setup by investigative reporter, Sonny Long, who can be credited for keeping the murders active: Butts Family, by Sonny Long, and his personal link here: Sonny Long

I recently wrote him, as I did years past, but haven't received a response yet.

According to this link, Kevin-is-pleading-guilty-to-murder; the prime suspect admitted to strangling the mother Gerri Butts... a "plea agreement" in which it appears he doesn't have to admit being involved in the deaths of Jessica or Mackenzie.

What kind of bull-crap is that!!!?

As you'll see... it all came down to the power of the district attorney, and a family connection he had to the suspect.

All of which my ace in the hole verified via e-mail to me.

Jessica told her classmates she was going to die, and she did. She was strangled with a telephone cord, and raped. There was at least one pubic hair found on her body, as well as a louse egg ( crabs, for the innocent). Kevin's palm print was found on the bathtub, where baby Mackenzie was drowned.

Think I'm mad... you're damn right!!!

Many years, it's my opinion, the District Attorney responsible for bring justice to this case, stuffed it in a box... called Don't open!, and being related to the suspect, it's not surprising. Here is the family photo:

More to come...


  1. Looking forward to hear about your insights on this case Bob--a very sad one indeed.

  2. this is my aunt and 2 cousins. its a terrible thing that my daddy died before being able to watch them lock kevin up but im sure the day they convicted him, my daddy was probably rolling in his grave with happiness. my daddy is my aunts sister, hes the one who found them all. its sad but so very glad he is locked up...FINALLY!!! i hope kevin rotts in hell and sees there faces everytime he closes his eyes.

  3. My condolences Shannon! Nothing I can say can take the memories you have away. I hope you're doing very well, and I appreciate you stopped by and left a comment. Thank-you.

  4. This happened in my hometown. I know Kevin Hailey's father's side of the family and they are a good bunch. His mother is the crazy one.DRUG HEAD. BUT I am very dissappointed in hearing that his father interrupted before a polygraph test. Kevin Hailey deserved the death penalty weather he acted alone or not. He was involved in murder no matter what! I hope he and whoever else (if anyone else) rot in hell for what they did to this family. If you want to read about this case Sonny Long has written a book called Among Murderers and Madness. If you can get past him talking about himself a bunch, it really sheds a light on the murders.