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August 21, 2010

REEFER MADNESS - 2010 - Dangers of Marijuana - CONCLUSION

Last Edited 08/23/2010 10:26PM

I had called this an "interlude", with more to come, but then realized that other than the obvious dangers like driving under the influence, operating dangerous machinery, or the fact cannabis is not legally sold, and one must purchase it on the black market, that I am, actually, finished!

And I know, I'm repeating some of what I started back in my history of cannabis, but let's forget that for now since sometimes taking a fresh, new look at something it comes out better - or so I hope. These scans are from old sources I collected over the years that verify cannabis was used regularly and legally through to the 1920's, and was regarded as a commodity like tobacco. It was called ganja(h).

 We think of cannabis today as that noxious weed called "marijuana" - considered a "dangerous drug" that at all costs must be prohibited and illegal. I would like to point out, that is a relatively recent change in attitude that began in the 1930's. The original Marihuana Tax Act was actually struck down by the Supreme court as unconstitutional in 1970. Then, President Nixon's advisors recommended legalizing cannabis, but Nixon wanted no part of that, and it was reclassified as a schedule one narcotic, so that prohibition of the plant would remain illegal.

In 1976, President Carter, realizing it was a basic human right for an individual to consume what God provides us, legalized cannabis, along with home-brewed beer and wine. In what I consider to be a outrageous over-reaction to his action, allegedly by the DEA and Congress, Pres. Carter was over-ruled, and cannabis remained illegal, while home-brewed beer and wine were legalized.

As a side-note, when the 18th amendment was overturned, permitting home brewed beer or wine was not included, and remained illegal until 1976. Many today don't realize that it was Pres. Carter who finally allowed making your own, and spawned the current generations of micro-breweries.

There is every reason I can think of, why cannabis should not be illegal to use, possess and grow. There is every reason to strike down the use of the AKA "marijuana" to label it, as that is what it was called in Mexico, not in the US. It's a commodity missing in our economy, and it's "PORK" draining needed tax dollars and jobs from our economy, alienating people and putting countless millions of people who use it at risk.

Simple fact is - if it were legal and sold like alcohol and tobacco, we would be able to provide a far better response to the real problem of drug abuse in this country. Quite simply, cannabis is  not the problem, but rather, part of the solution.

The following are the references to past history when cannabis was not a problem and not called marijuana:

NOTE: Cannabis was referred to as Ganjah, not "marijuana"... which you can see (two images hence) isn't listed in the dictionaries of the time:

What? No "marijuana"???

That was 1888. By 1921 things hadn't changed much even though two very important federal laws were in effect controlling narcotics, and alcohol prohibition was in effect.

Now spelled "ganja"... and still "smoked like tobacco":

Still, no reference to a drug called "marijuana": How mysterious is that???


The laws prohibiting cannabis are still unconstitutional in my opinion. Very little valid scientific evidence is available to maintain it's current status... and the public harm as a result of the questionable rationale behind those laws are an affront to the very foundation that made this country great, and a true democracy.

I hereby request the federal and state governments to provide sound facts and evidence validating the laws and prohibition against cannabis. I invoke my constitutional right to a "redress" of this policy, in that it is my belief laws against cannabis are based on anecdotal evidence, is still unconstitutional, and creates the very violence we are fighting to end.

It further constitutes a "hate crime", in that it's conception and current focus is still on the people of Mexico. They are still often "blamed" for the "drug problems" in the US, and I feel this trend, begun in the 1930's, constitutes a violation of civil rights, and violates "hate crime" laws. 

I seek evidence from the judiciary branches of government to show cannabis does indeed qualify for Schedule One classification. And I would like to know why tobacco doesn't???

I further contend that those US citizens who prefer cannabis, are being subjected to torture and harassment by current laws and policies, are subject to widespread discrimination and alienation, as well as Cruel and Unusual Punishment. 

If person's concerned with solving the "drug problem" in this country are serious, then, recognition that cannabis is not the dangerous drug they claim it to be, must be addressed! 

One final question: Why, in 1937 if cannabis was truly the subject of being a dangerous drug, as movies at the time made it out to be, why wasn't the new law called the "Ganja Tax Act", considering that's what Americans called it? Maybe we could do the same with "tobacco" and rename it something like dungweed, and pass a Dungweed Tax Act. What an idea! But we'd need an enemy, a specter, to be the villain...  just imagining it now - prohibition of dungweed... a star on You-Tube, a Hollywood movie... 

Dungweed Death - The Perils of Dungweed.

Fact is I could write a great deal about the dangers of tobacco... which I find ironic - in that there really is no question in my mind how dangerous tobacco is. How deadly. But in 35 years researching ganja, and I really cannot say it's dangerous. I'm truly convinced it's safer than alcohol and tobacco, even beneficial.

I would not support prohibition of tobacco, as dangerous as it is. Those who wish to use it should be permitted. But I would certainly put much stronger regulations on it's sale, considering the cost to society. Just today I drove by a couple that looked 12, walking along the highway lighting up a cigarette. It's against the law - but I doubt they would be arrested, put in jail, and sentenced to juvenile lock-up for a year? And that's my whole point... when and how did ganja become the demon it is known as today?

The answer: We're still fighting the war today... it's called "Illegal Immigration". Mexican's called cannabis "marijuana". But you already know that from reading my posts, and watching the History Channel's, "Hooked on Drugs..." found in my recommending media list. Americans are caught in the cross-fire... innocent victims to a ploy to prevent illegal immigration by draconian laws against growing, possession and use of cannabis. 

I rest my case... Americans did not call cannabis marijuana. There was and is no no real danger except in the minds of the politicians who perpetuate an idea, long past failure. 

Today, we build hundreds of miles of cement walls, and post thousands of law enforcement agents on the border with Mexico. Thousands in Mexico have lost their lives because we have not solved the immigration issues in almost 100 years between us and Mexico.


Time to Grow Up... and Get Real!


And I almost forgot... And this is very important for those of you who use "marijuana", or I mean ganja/cannabis. Don't expect an organ transplant if you need one... period! You're not worthy!

The following links are to the real stories of people denied a transplant because they used cannabis. 

Please... Stop the Hurt and Condemnation!!! 

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