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October 23, 2010


It's like a repeat of 1937. AG Eric Holder, 2010 - And Harry Anslinger, 1930's, Federal Director of Narcotics... it's the same old, same old... and I'm really tired of the whole issue. If Prop 19 passes , and it will, what's AG Holder going to do? Invade California???

Fiction (I Hope!): Nov. 02, 2010:

Proposition 19 passes by a landslide vote in California. CA growers are ready, and use of cannabis surges... violence decreases, CA finds itself swimming in money as millions exit the closet and buy the popular herb. CA rebounds



APOCALYPSE 2010 - the DEA vs.CA.

NEWS FLASH (Fiction): 

Federal DEA Agents descend upon California's legal grower's of cannabis, and the citizens of California as Prop 19legalizes marijuana. AG Eric Holder declars War on California growers... citizens describe it as an invasion! 

Hundreds flee, as thousands of helicopters, shiny black cars and vans of federal agents, many wearing DEA jackets arrive in California. The governor of California, "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger, activates the National Guardand State Militia.

Thousands dead, as the war on drugs in Mexico seems to spread to the State of California... residents plead with Washington to end the invasion...

(Fiction): President Obama defends attorney general Eric Holders attack in CA, calling it the duty of the federal government to uphold the law - that cannabis is a Schedule One Narcotic and subject to strict federal law. He admitsthere could be further discussion, but has more pressing concerns... Wall Street it seems is suddenly, once againin trouble... Phillip Morse has filed for bankruptcy... too many Californians have stopped smoking their products they claim, and PM wants time and federal money to buy into the lucrative cannabis market.


An Anonymous Government source,  not at liberty to speak candidly says the federal government was just weeks away from ending the "war on drugs forever". Government scientists, the source claims, invented a parasite that infests all illegal drugs, and the parasite migrates to users of those drugs, targets one's spine, where it grows and bursts forth - blood and gore, revealing and destroying the offender.

Update: Pres. Obama makes a statement strongly encouraging citizens to look away from the devils weed, and embrace legal, taxable forms of enjoyment - like tobacco and alcohol, while the feds find new ways to discourage marijuana..


AG Eric Holder's position on Prop 19 passage is out of line and irresponsible! I don't pay taxes so people like him can make terrorist threats while in office!

I demand a "redress of federal laws" placing cannabis in the category of being a Schedule One Drug.

I demand that tobacco be considered for schedule one drug classification.

Looking forwards to listening to NPR in the next year about the War in CA... in fact, although I'm plain broke, I think I will pledge for NPR for the simple reason I trust they will be openly covering the war.

It's like something out of the movies: "Aliens vs Predators"... the way Eric Holder talks... way to go! Not!

Please, give Pres. Obama a 2nd term... give him a chance. I'm convinced he's as tired of all this crap as we all are. President Jimmy Carter recognized the Constitutional Right of an America Citizen to use cannabis in 1978. He legalized it, along with home-brewed beer and wine, both had been illegal from the start of the 18 amendment. The latter succeeded, and we have our micro breweries today and home made wine production - thanks to Pres. Carter. Unfortunately, he was stoned for legalizing cannabis...

Within two weeks, CA will vote to support what Pres. Carter tried to do in 1978.

Legalize cannabis.

The most harmful thing about marijuana, are the laws!


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