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October 26, 2010


Yeah... so you don't know... I quitting tobacco once again... not myself... DT's... last post a disaster, everything a disaster... god I hate tobacco dt's!

I get ahead of myself...

I remind myself from time to time I don't always have to have a "story" for a post on my blog. It's a blog, afterall...

But I am filled with learned requirements, duties, responsibilities... and the "you shoulds..."

My father liked to ask: "Why are you rebelling?" It would freak me out really, him being really my best friend, yet knowing, as a student of "higher education" that is young adults do, they rebel. I would try and come up with a "smart answer", but it never mattered, his question was a statement.

Other news: off the tobacco again... going on 5 days. Those of you out there who know or I guess, don't know, you're truly quitting a "drug". Nicotine addiction is BAD. I mean I am having hallucinations at times... I had to call in sick from work yesterday

So for the twentieth time, or there-abouts, I've quitting again; Cheers.

I now understand why alcohol is legal though, and why you can buy as much as you like. ... it's so you can stay drunk the whole time you go through tobacco withdrawal!

And also on the subject of "drugs", I heard on NPR tonight that the President's of Mexico, Columbia, and one other country are begging California voters to vote "No on Prop 19". They say voting "Yes" will send the wrong message. That the War is working?

News that 30 Mexican police walked off the job, from the same station, today, citing the level of violence and  threat also sends the wrong messgae.

I'd line 'em up in front of a firing squad for dereliction of duty, treason... The War on Drugs must be won...

Can I have a cigarette, please?

Can't wait to see what Eric Holder's War in California amounts to... when Prop 19 is voted in. Can't waith to see the Terminator Governor, and Jerry Brown, the new Governor mobilizing the state National Guad to defend it's legal farmers from being busted for growing their commodity.

If the federal government can't accept the rights of the people in California, what can they do?

Personally, I think AG Eric Holder should step down. His threat against Prop 19 and citizens of CA are disturbing and dispespectful to the people of CA. The US Attorney General should have respect for Sate's Rights and Laws... This article I posted already, but here it is again, clearly shows he is unbalanced: "ERIC HOLDER TO PROSECUTE...", not fit for office. Not deserving of my tax dollars that pay his salary!

Enough... need more Nicorette!!!

I'll be back... um yeah...


  1. Hang in there with your battle Bob--it is a worthwhile endeavor.

    It will be interesting to see how the cali vote ends.

  2. Thanks Slam...

    A week now without tobacco, a week that the days at worked seemed like years as I sat there without a excuse to go out back.

    But I made it and am tapering off the nicotine substitute... this weekend will be nicotine free.

    Odd, isn't it? I embrace and encourage YES on Prop 19, and condemn tobacco...

    When it comes to plants provided by "GOD" and "NATURE", why in a "Free Country", would I live out my life not having the legal choice to chose a less harmful way to feel good?

    That the "tobacco Industry" exists at all is insane, while cannabis is pummeled monthly by billions of $$$'s of prohibition.

    "They Say: I had a choice!"

    I say, "That's Bull!"