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November 14, 2010


Believe it or not - I'm human.

I know, I'm in favor of legal cannabis, and not particularly fond of DARE, or "Abstinence Education" when it comes to sex. I'm not keen on our two party political system; I don't believe banning books like "Catcher in the Rye", "Tropic of Cancer", "Alice in Wonderland", are right.

Some might consider me a Libertarian, in the sense that all societal rules and regulations get tossed out the window along with the baby. They'd be wrong.

Some consider me a "liberal", but actually I'm quite conservative. In fact, I doubt many really understand the difference, as there is essentially, no difference. There is however a left and right wing view of politics, if you're into such things... but the fact remains, consider cannabis: the "right" calls it marijuana. The left cannabis, pot, ganja. God created and grows cannabis - that is a left wing view of cannabis. A left wing conservative believes it is not the governments right to infringe on ones use of this plant. The "right" believes, that's a "liberal view", that cannabis is a drug called marijuana, and it is extremely dangerous to society. It cannot be controlled as the "right believes it is "uncontrollable", being as it is "a drug". The fact that alcohol and tobacco are regulated and taxed is beside the point as they are legal, and therefore accepted by society. The fact that millions suffer and die from use of those products is irrelevant, as it's legal and society can make provisions for problems related to those commodities.

Cannabis on the other hand, though it kills no one and can be used responsibly, is illegal, and always will be illegal, because back in the 1930's the "truth of the dangers of 'marijuana' were made clear to the world".

For example, despite evidence since to the contrary that cannabis is a stepping stone drug to HARD DRUGS such as heroin and cocaine, the evidence is meaningless as marijuana is illegal and thus no amount of scientific updates are relevant. Marijuana is illegal just as murder is illegal. To consider the possibility that "the facts of the 1930's regarding cannabis were wrong", is like reconsidering the fact that Eve in Genesis was not wrong to eat of the apple that God explicitly told her not to eat! She did eat it, and convinced Adam to eat it. So God double damned women, single damned men, and all humanity is damned because of it.

That is life. Men get to have sex with women, and women must endure as they caused man to be cursed, and like today's just, we drink our alcohol, smoke our tobacco, but resist the urge to use cannabis... why? We don't want to be damned again.

To be damned means to be arrested. See, God really has no power in our society anymore... the "moral majority" has the power, Congress has the power; the Judiciary has the power; Law Enforcement has the power; and the powers specify: DO NOT USE CANNABIS. If you do you are damned.

So do you really want to be damned???

Look at the woman next to you and consider how she suffers a double damn because she ate the apple first, and seduced Adam to eat next. The result: Our society today full of sinners, deviants, druggies, pedophiles, child abusers, spouse abusers, pornography, independent thinkers and corrupt politicians; the list is endless. All because of Eve.

Well Adams of today - if you don't want to live a cursed life I suggest you do what our Lord Government tells you to do. Pay your taxes; be thankful you don't live in China; don't screw around unless you have the balls like certain pro golfers, NY politicians, etc.; and especially, unless you're wealthy or a company CEO, don't smoke pot.

It's 2010 and the message is clear: "Don't Rock The Boat", unless you can afford it. Tow the line, be good doobies and do what you're told by your superiors in gov't. The US Constitution is a dead manuscripts written by humans who no longer exist and our current gods in politics know much more today about what and how we should live than way back in 1776. Thank you to Tea Partiers and their influence in recent elections...

Darth Vader returns...

Death to dissidents and potheads. A return to right-wing values and a strict code of conduct. The only way to succeed as a nation is to do what we're told, accept our position in the hierarchy we were born into.

Cheers! All. The age of the machine is upon us and the mark of the beast is on our foreheads. Do Not Fight It! Do Not Question Authority. Do Not Look Back at the Chaos of the 1960's and 1970's...

We live in a NEW AGE of PROSPERITY. Trust in Wall Street. (New currency now being printed says just that: "In Wall Street We Trust")

I now return you to your original programming... on the count of 3 you will forget you were here... until the next time...

1... 2.... 3


  1. Ahhhhh???

    Interesting comment.

    Still struggling not smoking tobacco... it's seriously BAD stuff. Going on 4 weeks and although I feel better, the "missing limb" is missing, but still there. It's torture. My life would be so much better if i could just smoke a little cannabis after work. Instead, every store I drive past on my way to work or home has tobacco that I could readily purchase. Yet IT was killing me!!!

    Makes me angry, and sad.

    Why don't I have the freedom to chose a plant that does me good, rather than a plant that is heavily processed and has been killing me for years.

    My posts therefore vent... my frustration.