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November 13, 2010

Confessions of a Tobacco Addict: TREATISE OF A CANNABINOID VAMPIRE!

Three weeks today this body has gone without tobacco.

Despite pressure from the "powers who thrive" - PWT, on tobacco sales, I'm JUST SAYING NO!

That doesn't mean I said said "no" in time. I have medical tests due to determine if I have cancer and or COPD. No question I can't breathe right, and I cough a lot. No question I have limited energy, loss of cognitive ability, and lack of motivation, compared to just 5 years ago.

The "Good News"... I don't use cannabis!!!

Why is that good news... you got me. I never had problems with cannabis... in fact, I thrived using small amounts of it.

But my state and federal government say I'm better off. To die by alcohol or tobacco use are acceptable actions. To enjoy life and even prosper by use of cannabis is felonious.

Therefore... introducing, BobKat, a cannabinoid vampire dying from lak of cannabis, and as far as my government is concerned - so be it!

I have alcohol and tobacco to use instead... both virtually unregulated. Both quite easily deadly. Both killing me.

But I'm not using cannabis... and that's a very good thing!!!


Get real America... you're not free if you can't use a plant provided by God that you feel is beneficial but unavailable because a government is infected by the Devil into believing the most dangerous plants and drugs are okay, but the less harmless and more beneficial ones aren't.

As the Rolling Stones said: "Goddamn the Pusherman", and our own gov't is that... they PUSH, their favorite.

Cannabis is mocked by government, and blacklisted... why?

Special Interests. No question. Research and science do not support strict regulation against cannabis. The Obama Presidency proclaimed that science would trump politics. The truth is... that is not what happened.

Just more of the same.

3 weeks without tobacco... 5 years without sex or cannabis... the latter wasn't an issue after a day. the former... i will suffer the rest of my life.

Tobacco addiction is certain and it is HELL. My gov't has no power to change that because they benefit from tobacco taxes. They benefit from cannabis prohibition. Win/Win... for my gov't.

Loose/Loose for me.

I'm NOT a ZOMBIE! I am a vampire... I want my cannabis... but I see that despite many years where I benefited from use of cannabis, it's not in my future to die happy. I have two choices: alcohol or tobacco.

No thanks to either.

And may I add - Fuck You my government for your practice of politics over science. I'm not an idiot... I have 3 college degrees... I know the truth. I know you're "messing with me"...

President Obama - you said science would trump politics... well when???

I demand redress of actions directed against me that are in violation of my US Constitutional Rights to my Pursuit of Happiness, in the time I have left to me. I demand either you commit me to a federal, mental health prison for activists that don't abide by your rules, or an exclusion from your draconian rules that have no basis in reality.

I demand you send your hitmen to force me to conform to your unscientific rules, so that i can be extracted and confined to US equiv. of the British - "The Prisoner"... where every day of my remaining life is organized and regulated by drugs that remove my innate sense of self.


Does anyone give a shit? Or are we all so passive as to be sheep herded by gov't shepherds?

I have no confusion as to why our society has become much more violent. But despite my extensive education and experience no one cares for my opinion. I am a cannabinoid vampire... I am not human. I used cannabis, and that made me an alien.

Good luck humanity. California just voted 46 - 54 % to legalize cannabis, yet nearly every politician spent millions opposing passage of the prop. Why?

Because America today is not about the US Constituition and Bill of Rights, it's about politics,  and special interests - preservation of alcohol and tobacco and other big business... lobbies, and face it, cannabis may have the popular vote, but it's a threat to the aforementioned interests, and subject to 70 + years of negative propaganda.

Ultimately I will probably start smoking tobacco again. I can buy unlimited quantities in most stores... I will continue to drink alcohol, same reason. My life will fail. Like many other lives have failed. Because we are not free to use what God provides for us, yet we spend money with proclaims - "IN GOD WE TRUST".


I am happy to say my early 20's made my life worth living. 4 short years 1974 - 1978. If my gov't knew how much I prospered, how happy I was and how often I had intimate relations, they would have removed me from society as a dissident. Fortunately it was the 70's and Nixon was president, followed by Pres. Carter. They were too busy with millions of "dissidents". Kind of like China today.

Life sucks if you're a politician... God... how to continue to harass and make criminals out of cannabis users, support zero tolerance laws against drug use, yet encourage use of alcohol and tobacco to balance state budgets to arrest and destroy deviants that prefer cannabis over a drink or smoke. Damn. I am glad I am not a politician!

To make it clear... those 18 years old you can use the drug called tobacco all you want. It will most likely kill you and will provide very little benefit.

To those 21 and older, you can use any amount of alcohol. It will provide some benefit if you stay under one or two drinks a day, but beyond that, it will kill you.

To those wishing to use cannabis with literally zero health hazards, although psychologically addictive, you risk many violations of state and federal laws... depending on where you live. Cannabis is not covered by the "In God We Trust" motto of the USA... the federal gov't, the Fed judiciary and the DEA trump GOD.

You may not use, grow, possess, sell, maintain your health using cannabis. It is not just illegal, it is activily pursued and prosecuted by state and local govt'. Crimes such as rape, murder, kidnapping, abuse are probably safer alternatives to cannabis use. The rule of thumb - "Potheads are the vampires of our society".

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