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November 09, 2010

TRAIL OF BOBKAT - Confessions of a Tobacco Addict; Part Two

Edited Nov. 10; 8PM
Edited Nov. 11; 11PM

Had two visitors today.

Black suit coats, black pants, white shirt and black tie. They flashed a badge at me and walked in... pushed their way in...

They offered me a cigarette, but I refused. I said: "I have quit".

They questioned me for several hours after that... smoking cigarette after cigarette in front of me. Exhaling the smoke in my face. "Why did I not want to smoke tobacco," they asked? "Why was I spreading rumors that tobacco was harmful?" "Was I aware that tobacco was a 'commodity' and that spreading false rumors about a legal commodity such as tobacco was against the law?"

Then they started in on me about cannabis... they call it marijuana, based on horror films from the 1930's. "Why was I advocating for legalization of marijuana?"

"I'm not", I explained, "not marijuana anyways; as I explained, "that's what political degenerates called it in horror movies from the 30's. Did they mean cannabis, or ganja?"

They both shook their heads. They had a blank look of confusion. One of them asked the other, "what now?"

One of the men stood up and pulled out a gun - a big gun; a handgun with a bore of at least 420 mm... he said, "this is the weapon of choice for cannabinoid assassins... give me one reason why we shouldn't rid society of your existence?"

I looked into the 420mm bore of the cannon that was a big and dark as a black hole. I knew I would soon be sucked into it. I knew because that's nature. But I used my brain...

I thought for a moment, and responded, "The Governor of CA, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "who cares about a joint? "

"That's true, the partner said... really, who cares?"

But the guy holding the gun starred at me and said..." you know, you think you're pretty smart. But you know what else?"

"What I asked?"

"Marijuana will never be legal like alcohol and tobacco because nobody cares! You want to be a man - you should smoke tobacco, you should drink, you should *uck. Live like a man should live. End of story. Now will it be a bullet of a cigarette?"

I asked for the bullet. I'm an American born citizen, with Constitutional Rights. If I'm to be deprived of those rights, by my government or representative of my gov't, I'll take the bullet.

So I told him, honestly, "I'd rather smoke rat poop! Bring it on!"

IT HAS BEEN Two and a half weeks without using tobacco... and I'm still struggling ... delirious, stif neck, headache, intestinal distress, you name it. Not only is nicotine extremely addictive, but not even God knows what the tobacco industry adds to tobacco. The FDA doesn't know. That's a fact! Deities!!!

Trying to make up for it with my wit and imagination.

I'm suppose, to accept that this government is fair and unbiased when they TAX people for use of unlimited amounts of alcohol and tobacco, yet laugh and mock persons who find cannabis safer and more theraputic -  they not only believe in their logic and justification, harass generally harmless citizens, but they perpetuate the idea that cannabis is dangerous to support the status quo.

To hell with "Pursuit of Happiness" is the result...

The American Public is not a bunch of idiots however, so please, don't treat US as such.

Grant me disability, if you want to silence me, because I smoked a joint once, and William Bennett said that act would make me a a victim. All I ask for is a government funded retirement, as I obviously know the truth about your special interest politics and will shut up if you simply give me a government sponsored retirement ad I can forget everything I know. Or you can "eliminate me", except, to do that would be stupid as i am rather high profile based on several missing persons cases I've helped with.

Witness protection... a new life, and I'll shut up.

The alternative... I am smart enough to undermine your whole matrix... It Is A "MATRIX".

The truth is out there... and 46% of Californian's know it... and an equal part of the world knows that, so stop fooling yourself.

We built a wall against Mexico, not because of any terrorist threats, but because of cannabis. Accept it! Our great country is suffering delusions... building a multi-million $$ wall against "terroricism" from Mexico, while if anything, we're encourage terrorists to switch from havens like Afghanistan to Mexico.

The 9/11 terrorists did not arrive from Mexico, but rather our own points of entry, and Canada. Drug cartels are in Mexico, yes, but what does that have to do with the "Bush - Axis of Evil"... ?

I thought we were defending the US from terrorists, fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Instead... under the guise of "extreme need" WE escalate cannabis prohibition by building a wall between us and Mexico, that accomplishes nothing other than to block wildlife from their natural environments.

We hear Washington Talk about Terrorists on the border of Mexico??? Just where are the BOMBS coming from, of late? Yemen??? Cannabis comes from Mexico, so why the GREAT WALL???

It's an embarrassment. A total embarrassment.

Exactly how much do politicians get in pay-offs from the cartels in Mexico and other parts of the world to fund this stupid, misleading charade???

The following two links tell it all:

"Who Cares About A Joint" - Gov. Schwarzenegger..

The Most Dangerous Recreational Drug?

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