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November 30, 2010


As I contemplate (and write) this next part of "Why Are We Here", I can't help but come back to "me, myself and I".

Afterall, in case you don't know, reality is subjective. That's a fact. And so, I have no idea why "we" are here. I'm not sure I really know why I am here.

It's nothing mystical, no trick - this "reality is subjective" clause to our existence. It's simple fact. Everything we believe, everything we learn, take in, experience is interpreted subjectively. Within ourself, subject to our own disposition to an experience.

Fortunately, us humans possess the ability to think objectively, however, it is something we learn to do. It's popularly called "thinking outside the box". Easier said, than done, I might add.

It usually starts out as an insignificant event. For example, let's say we vote strictly Republican. Yet, during an election there is a Democrat that we find we really like. We may torture ourselves with the idea of voting for the person, we may imagine what others might think of us. We end up voting for the person...

1) the person loses. We are disappointed, yet we breathe a sigh of relief a Republican was elected, even though we didn't vote for the person.
2) the person wins; we feel both a rush of success, and a pang of guilt. We realize we helped the person win.

In both cases the fact is we thought outside the box. To many a very scary, self-deprecating act, initially. We get over it.

Life goes on.

But for many people, "thinking outside the box" is the norm. They may be called names, like "liberal", or immoral, or misguided. Or they may be admired... the latter of which I am fortunate enough to be a member.

Yet, I feel it's a no-win situation. The last Presidential election is one such example. By extraoridary popular vote not only is "a Black man" elected to be President of the US, but he's elected because the majority of "The People" find his "Message of Change" powerful and desirable. The PEOPLE want the change. The majority are tired of the "good old boys" style of politics. It's the 21st century, and the populace believes and acts on the realization it's time for a change. They'll begin with a new, charismatic, intelligent, sincere man who provides the message/change they have wanted for a long time.

The result. No change. Period.

To backtrack a few thousand years, remember our heritage... and no, I don't mean Colonial America, I mean the age of Kings, of Nobels, of us common people.

In previous posts I hopefully enlighted my readers of Genesis... from the Bible. I clarified first came Earth, then animals, then "man". Man went through some confusing changes. God created man to, according to the Bible to "dominate all creatures". Then God put man to work. Man was depressed without a help-mate, so God tried giving man a pet. That didn't work. So then god put man into a deep sleep (drug induced, in my opinion), and when he awoke, he was missing a rib and looking into the eyes of a woman.

Quite a romatic story. But that aside, man found a mate. Trouble is, there were more than one woman around. And there were "drugs" (in the form of an apple, we're told).

Now man was for whatever reason burdened with tilling fields and doing hard work. Why, I have no idea, other than it's a metaphor for the simple fact our ancestors had to raise crops and cattle to become an agricultural society. A community with roots.

But we know the future... Eve consumed the forbidden drug, and surely they had sex. Without a Catholic Church to guide them, most likely both Adam and Eve had sex with multiple partners, gay sex included. We know Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, into a hostile, unknown land.

Well that's what happens when one is confronted with the unusual... a conflict - when the Republican votes for a Democrat. That is what it's like to think outside the box... you not only "think it", you experience it.

What the Bible in Genesis is reveiling is becoming self-aware, and based on decisions we make, we find we make objective decisions. Doesn't mean reality is no longer subjective, as it is, but rather, it means using our hearts, minds and souls to make a decision, come to a conclusion that doesn't fit within our normal form of thought. We become "radical thinkers". Or revolutionists thinkers.

Grant you - we/you are HERE if you're reading this blog. But I can't tell you why we're here. And i can't fully explain why I'm here either. What i can say is my being here has not only had a big effect on my environment, but also the many people I've known within my environment.

I also know the same is true of you.

WE are you and I. So the real question is why are you and I here?

Why are we still tilling fields, still common folk or Kings and nobels... why do we have a government with promised change, that is locked in a battle of their own design, without regard for "We The People".

Why does it matter that a Pentagon report found 70% of the military finds no problem with gays serving openly in the military, yet the 30% with a problem are scaring them to postpone any action in changing current laws. And why is it that if 47% of Californians voted to legalize cannbis, that a mere 53% opposed carries so much weight?

Why? I already told you. Reality is subjective. It's only when one can think "outside the box" that reality takes on new meaning... the fact is, outside of our own self-determined view of reality, there is a world out there. A world in trouble. A people many of whom are suffering. And in many ways, for no practical reason, other than we have governments that don't know what or how to govern.

I give President Obama credit for trying, but he's not the person I thought he was. I see no real change, and although I know his hands are somewhat bound, there's much he could do to show the American people he meant what he promised. Change, transparency, science.

He has let himself to be drawn into the power game - Wall St., global conflicts, continuations of the Bush legacy, continued denial of the rights of the American People, their pursuite of happiness, their calls for justice, and for commonsense to prevail.

President Jimmy Carter was a far more powerful president. Under similar odds and barriers. Yet historically, he did provide change. He provided leadership; he provided Americans with a person in government, who cared, who tried to create change.

President Obama is compared to republican President Ronald Regan; as far as I know Pres. Obama embraces the connection. It's beyond me to understand why. He's nothing like Regan... but if he wants to act that way, who am I?

I'm just an American who can't pursue happiness any longer. I'm blocked at every effort. And there are millions, far worse off than myself.

I am a slug, a snail, bathed in slim, sliming my way through my day, working the job of 3 people, and I'm suppose to be thankful. And I am. I have no choice. My government failed to govern... they fail to think outside the box. They fail at comprehending and understanding the most basic things.

To be continued...


  1. Interesting post Bob. The why we are here question will certainly have a different response from someone who is of faith versus a person who is not (rewards in an afterlife versus rewards now).

    I agree that the people have been failed by both parties and though I don't think of myself as a glass is half empty person, but I see the economy in the near future to become worse than 1932--officials have only so many fingers to plug holes of this sinking ship before the water overtakes the craft. Our spending over the past few decades will catch up to us.

    Ha, ok, I'll go spread joy and happiness somewhere else now.

  2. Very good point Slam... although "people of faith" cannot define the afterlife, or who is worthy. But yes, their idea of why we are here will vary compared to those of different faiths.

    As to spreading joy... I get joy when people comment on my posts - it's one of the few things I look forwards to. I also am happy the internet is here, that I live in a country where I can write this stuff.