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March 19, 2011


The US, France and Briton along with Arab Councils voted to stop Gaddafi - his indiscriminate slaughter of Libyan citizens. 5 countries abstained from voting - Russia and China, but by abstaining, they allowed the resolution to pass without veto. The U.N. Security Council will use any means to intervene in harm to Libyan civilians, which includes the rebels who are civilians fighting for independence from a ruthless dictator who has ZERO legitimacy as a ruler of the country.

This in contrast to other countries like Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia who have established ruling parties, Kings or Queens.

Gaddafi is merely the overseer of Libya, a country that back in the 1970's established independence from foreign control. The type of government was established as one governed by the people, and the "leader" was Gaddafi who's been in a position of governance for nearly 40 years. He is not a king, and the people asked him to step down. He refused. Protests ensued, and violence that has claimed the lives of many hundreds of civilians.

Gaddafi instead vowed to maintain leadership against the wishes of the people, and has launched a violent retaliation against those opposed to his leadership. It should be noted that starting with France and the US, Gaddafi is no longer recognized as the leader of Libya. The international community which includes the Arab League, have asked him to step down and he has defied the order.


What this means:

The international community has vowed to use all means possible to prevent further harm to Libyan This includes military intervention.

My opinion: Hurray! I support intervention in Libya... in contrast my opinion about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are different. Iraq - No. Afghanistan; if GWB had kept focused on the initial military operations and not strayed to Iraq, all would most likely have worked out okay. But he didn't. We shouldn't let those military operations confuse us as to our intervention in Libya. The people of Libya need us, and we, the international community need to see Gaddafi ousted from power! As he has already been ousted.

1 comment:

  1. The picture of Gadaffi reminds me of the character in Machete, a movie. I expect within a week, we'll see Gadaffi live holding two machetes and like a reality television show, he'll be attacking the media , along with his harem of exotic female bodyguards.

    Down with gaddafi. He's the terrorist.