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April 01, 2011

APRIL FIRST 2011 - Day Of Fools; The Day Of Rage

Happy Fools Day :>

edited 11/04/04

Onion Storm hits the Northeast... no joke... another day off from work. I don't mind, except it's one more vacation day I don't have this year, and it's been one of those years with winter storms.

It's been one of those years, period.

A few posts ago I designated today "The Day of Rage" for those of us here at home in the US. That day has come. So let's see what I can Rant and Rage about - whether you agree or not, well that's why you can post COMMENTS!

We are not a country "isolated" from the rest of the world - that is more obvious and apparent everyday; from the emergence of SUPERBUGS like MRSA, Tuberculosis and much more to come, to radiation drifting here from a crippled Japan. If you're not aware of what's going on in Japan right now and for the past few weeks shame on you - must be nice living in a hole in the ground. Their disaster is our disaster, same as with Libya, which fortunately, UN Resolution 1973 actually is a victory not only for civilians in Libya, but me too, as I called for action in a previous post to help civilians (rebels, they're called) in Libya.

Well President Obama has taken quite a beating over his actions in Libya, though I'm not surprised. Sure, he seemed slow on the action necessary to intervene in Libya, but, and this is a BIG BUT, for the first time in American history we have a President who worked with the international community before jumping into an overseas conflict. France actually got the ball rolling, and President Obama and SoS Hilary Clinton worked with France, Briton and the UN to establish a legal intervention... and of course our Congress is upset!

A little background: Our Congress supported former President George Bush in his hasty decision to wipe out Iraq... while a more rational war raged in Afghanistan. Iraq was unnecessary in my opinion, and Pres. Bush didn't get a UN mandate.He was more like a kid with a hand grenade eager to throw it... and Congress was an incapable parent who couldn't stop him. As a result, liberals now cry about how we're entrenched in two major wars, and how we shouldn't help rebels in Libya.

Well, hate to say it but if our elected officials had acted appropriately then, the war in Afghanistan would be over, and Iraq wouldn't have happened. We'd then be able to assist rebels in Libya without concerns of yet another war and the cost.

Can't wait to see what Tea-Party Republicans do to balance the National Debt... all I know is it won't be pretty.

I support President Obama and his actions in Libya. Just want to make that clear.

Other Fools news that is for real...

The other day I caught a news story - CNN, a statement by American Cancer Society, strongly warning, of use of medical marijuana for cancer patients. They claimed much more research needs to be done to determine marijuana is safe to use if you have cancer. What I found shocking was that "marijuana" has been used medicinally now for decades. And they are only now waking up???

Cannabis, akamarijuana, has been used since pre-history. It only got to be known as marijuana in the 1930's. Something I've already covered in a previous post.

I would give anything to see our country become the next step in the Master Plan for the human race. An awakening. 2012.

We are the pot with the boiling broth of nearly every "race" in the world. I put race in quotes as there aren't races, except in socially; there is diversity, a birthright, that what you're born with, you inherit at birth.

I found it ironic that our current Homeland Security Advisor, Janet Napolitano emphasized that the violence caused by the Mexican Drug Cartels has not crossed our borders. But how can that be??? The US population is one of the largest consumers of "illegal drugs" like cocaine and marijuana. The whole purpose of the War on Drugs is to stop the violence those drugs cause - yet the violence isn't here??? Are they, she, suggesting "pot-heads" just sit around and smoke marijuana peacefully? I think she is!

So why the WAR?

Why were three Filipino citizens put to death recently for drug trafficking? Image and additional subject matter courtesy CNN:

The irony of this whole death sentence is that the Philippine government mostly was passive about the deaths, with government officials stating that the three, two women and one man got what they deserved. To say otherwise, they said they would appear "soft on drugs". Well, drink up and smoke your tobacco.

Meanwhile, several Chinese citizens benefited from the deaths of the three due to strict regulations the Chinese gov't has imposed on organ donors. The following story highlights that scandalous news... in that, those put to death are legal fodder for involuntary organ donation... the goal, arrest more drug traffickers, put more to death, and hopefully provide much needed organs for transplant. The following link courtesy MSNBC: Chinese Man Wakes Up - Minus His Kidney!

The preceding wasn't a joke - it's us who are the fools!!! Reality Check!!! STOP THE HURT!!!!!

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