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August 25, 2012


Only one "link" for this post (as I'm sure you read in my last post where posting links can land you in prison in violation of federal copyright violations). It's not a joke. It's a direct result of the fallout related to file-sharing and the record industry's unprecedented penalties levied on people downloaded copy-righted music during the 1990's. True... they had a beef, and still do, as they make no profit from pirated music downloads.  But the fallout effect is they alienate their client-base...  in that I mean, rather than take a rational approach to reduce downloading music that yields them no profit - pirated music, they act like privateers and destroy their client-base with excessive penalties and actions.

The record industry thus baked itself into oblivion as most people today think hard about buying anything related to the music industry or such. And still music is downloaded... links are posted to download sites, and people like myself now have to be concerned with is that link I posted going to net me a ten year, $2000 fine?

As I said before... a link is nothing more than a picture and an address to another place. If you go to this place and cause mayhem, that's you, not me. I only provide an address.

So my only link today... "I'm a Mom and I use Marijuana":

In lieu of other links or pictures for this post, I'll provide my own pictures (you're welcome to use them as long as you provide the source on your website or blog). This is to supplement the purpose of this post which is to discuss, "Life, Liberty and Happiness - Tobacco, Alcohol and Cannabis".

We begin with Junior, great-grandson of Henry the Magnificent...

"Junior" - Great-grandson of Henry the Magnificent

"Henry - The Magnificent"

Both these roosters are "cards"... they crack me up! Henry has mellowed over the years, and doesn't attack your feet anymore... but Junior, he's the terror of the neighborhood, and half the size of Henry. Both are Bantam roosters, meaning they are small chickens, but they sure act big!

They croon for the hearts of hens like Enie and Mynie:

"Enie and Mynie - Respectable bantam Hens"

That's Life.

Speaking of which... 

Humor aside, do you know how many people die of tobacco related causes every day? Thousands. Do you know how many die of cannabis related causes? None.

Yet, I can go to almost any store and buy tobacco products, but I can't buy cannabis products. Why? Well, because tobacco is legal, and cannabis is not. Why? Tobacco is safe enough for public consumption under FDA guidelines, but cannabis is not.

Tobacco is considered "safe" for public use; cannabis is not. Why?

WHO THE HELL KNOWS!!! Science, we're told!

What is known is tobacco has no medicinal value and it is extremely addictive. According to federal law so is cannabis. Yet, half the states in this country have recognized that cannabis does have medicinal value... as for being addictive? Cannabis has psychological addiction associated with it's use, very little physical addiction to be concerned with. 

Is tobacco a Schedule One drug? NO! Because it has zero medical value, and cannot therefore be considered a drug. Is cannabis a drug? NO! It is an herb... with medicinal value. A drug is processed in a laboratory... cannabis is a plant that god oversees.

So why do people go to prison for using, growing, possessing cannabis and not tobacco??? Good question. 

Apparently cannabis gets a person "high". Tobacco only gets a person dead or dying.

Getting high is a danger to society, or so it would appear.

But if that's true, then why is alcohol in the form of beer, wine, liquors legal and cannabis is not? Cannabis is a drug, though it is not a drug, where alcohol is a drug, but not a drug as alcohol has no medicinal value just the same as tobacco. Alcohol simply takes the edge off, gets one intoxicated to varying degrees. Cannabis does also, but it has medicinal value which makes it a drug, yet it is not recognized as having medicinal value, so is not a drug, yet it is regulated as a drug because like alcohol it gets you high.

If you're not confused yet, you should be. 

In a nutshell:

Tobacco is a poison that is smoked and can be bought in most stores. It is a very effective drug (regulated by the FDA, ATF) for slow-motion suicide.

Alcohol, gets people high, takes the edge off of a long hard day at work and is popular at parties. It can be physically addictive and can cause disease. It is regulated by the Federal bureau of ATF.

Cannabis, is used as a medicine, and to take the edge off a hard day. It is not physically addictive, does not cause disease or death, but is akin to murdering someone if you are in possession of it, use it or share it. It is regulated, if one can call it that, by the DEA, with guidelines provided by the ONDCP.

Cannabis is called marijuana by many, however, this is a misnomer with racially charged links to illegal immigrants from Mexico from whence the term marijuana originates. It also promotes early 20th century fears and prejudice regarding the seduction of white women by black men. The term marijuana was popularized during the 1920's and 30's by so called, Yellow Journalists, and made illegal primarily to try and stop the influx of Mexican immigrants into the US through southern border states. Most federal laws use the term Marihuana (sic) in legal decrees when describing cannabis, a spelling mistake that persists to this day.

Oh, Hey... not to change the subject, but what's this cat doing???

Oh that's "BobKat"... and he's hungry, and tempted!

He obviously wants that hamburger. Is that okay? Yah think? Maybe it should be illegal? I don't know, just wondering. Thinking about new prohibition laws - they're popular with politicians, in case you didn't know.  So, starting with a "Hamburger Tax Act", for cats, we could expand on the theme...  and politicians would have a new angle for election - the "getting tough on cats eating hamburgers" pledge!

The "criminal" - High on Hamburger!

You know, when I heard about Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's comment that "women who are raped have an innate ability to prevent getting pregnant",  I knew I'd heard the same argument that makes cannabis illegal, and permits people to kill themselves using tobacco, or get high on alcohol. It's called IGNORANCE!!! Wherever Todd Akins went to school, if he did, I'd be doing "preventative damage control" even as I write this. Does this guy have a college degree? If so, in what? Basket-weaving? Is this the kind of person we want in government making critical decisions regarding our Life, Liberty and Happiness? 

Seriously people... don't you think it's time to be real??? Rape is a serious crime; however, cannabis use or possession is not! A cat eating a hamburger is funny, which is what the world is, sober, drunk or high on pot... doesn't make a cat eating a hamburger a criminal, nor getting stoned on a plant a crime. 

Why exactly are my taxes being spent on things like "marijuana" interdiction, prosecutions of persons caught with it and undercover operations? That must cost many billions of dollars. All to stop people from the use of of a God-Given Plant... when by law, the hypocrite says,  we can become alcoholics or smoke cancer and heart disease in the form of tobacco? 

The thing about 1 joint = like 100 tobacco cigarettes? Every single plant on earth has a different biological makeup; burning anything produces carbon monoxide, tars and gases... the difference between tobacco and cannabis is that you can't eat a cigarette, but you can eat a joint. The first is a poison, the latter is a consumable product like spinach or broccoli. 

As I've said before, I'll sit down anytime with a gov't official from like the NIH, CDC, DEA, ONDCP, FDA on National Television where you supply a tenth ounce of strong cannabis that I eat, while you eat a tenth ounce of strong tobacco. We'll see who gets sick... and I assure you it won't be me!

Seriously, we need to get real... 

I Like Hamburgers!!!

Stop The Hurt...


  1. Your animals steal the show here Bob. You should hand out boots for any visitors to your property--Junior sounds like a load to deal with.

    I really see the legalize issue being turned over to the states more and more and eventually that substance will no longer be as "controlled" as it now is. I do expect the feds to keep their hands involved in rules and regulations with all of the money involved.

    Off to take a peek at your link...

  2. What get's me is why New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die State" is playing second fiddle to the feds, while CA, AZ, CO, ME, MA, CN, DC, etc are moving ahead and telling Washington what they do re: cannabis is none of the feds business? Ironically it was states like AZ and CA that caused this whole problem in the first place, back in the late 1920's and 30's... they felt the only way to combat illegal immigrants from mexico was to hit them where it hurt - their "marijuana". Also ironic, we'd been using ganja safely for decades by then... without a problem. The truth is, the whole issue with so called "marijuana" is political... it never was a public health issue and still isn't. The public health issues are tobacco, alcohol and mass murder, i.e. making it healthy to encourage people with mental health issues to seek professional help without making it into a social stigma! AA for example for alcoholics made alcoholism treatable and popular... I can't tell you how many people I've known met their spouses at AA meetings.

    What I'm saying is our "drug problems aren't related to people who want to smoke pot, but rather, our laws that make pot into a serious crime.

    Thanks for stopping by - I've missed your visits.

  3. Looking to get rewarded for doing what you already do? Head over to, find your dispensary and earn reward points to spend on products, mercy and discounts!


  4. Looking to get rewarded for doing what you already do? Head over to, find your dispensary and earn reward points to spend on products, mercy and discounts!