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September 16, 2012


Top of the Vine:

So, Pink Play-Houses:

What little girl wouldn't want a pink playhouse?

4-year old Aubrey Rogers-Peck may lose hers... her mother is being sued by the Home Owner's Association over the color of the approved playhouse - PINK. I wonder if Baby-Blue is forbotten? Regardless, the lawsuit is serious business, and Aubrey's mom can't afford the legal fees to fight the suit brought by the HOA. The story is here:

Other Links to Pink Playhouses...

I simply can't imagine a law-suit over a pink playhouse!


KATYN MASSACRE, 1940. in the news today. I'm not sure what prompted the sudden news of the Katyn massacre, I did read about a recent plane crash, in which up to hundred Polish Govt Elite, including the President of Poland, died. Fingers are pointing toward the Russians, just as they did in 1940, 1950-51, 1990, and again now.

Yeah, so our government claims to be above board, they don't cover things up in secrecy or jeopardize public safety by methods of divination - Science rules Washington, for now anyways. So maybe we as America simply made a haphazard mistake? Or should I say the government we elected.

In 1939 - 1940 in the early stages of WWII, I believe it goes, Germany invaded Poland but didn't have much success,  and in a diplomatic move Russia acquired Poland and the Nazi's withdrew... the Russians moved in. A vast majotiy of Poles were placed in detention/concentration camps for the remainder of the war (then after behind the Iron Curtain), under the auspices of the Russian NKVD (whatever it stands for, I don't know), and in 1940, after extensive interrogations/interviews with Polish persons, a mass execution of 22,000 of Poland's elite and educated ensued.

All of these people rounded up and shot. Murdered. Executed in the Katyn Forest of Russia, and blamed on the Germans. American POW's at the same camps relayed information regarding the massacre's to Washington, and landed on the desk of the President, FDR. It became a Senate hearing event, which was heated yet swept under the rug. It wasn't until 1990 that Russia admitted to the killing of around 1,800 Poles, that word about the atrocity became public. Far fewer person's than were actually executed. The kicker is, that due to Washington's refusal to acknowledge the Katyn Massacre, Poland went behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1940's, under the control of the Soviet Union. Under the control of the very country that massacred the best of the best Poles. 

Just imagine, being arrested like that in the early stages of a world war, you and most of your friends and neighbors. You're interrogated. Your record of educational success is public knowledge. The Polish government had kept impeccable records... as does our own government, so you're bright, creative, knowledgeable, and a productive member of Polish society - bam, bam... two shots to the head. Dead.

That's what happened to 22,000 people.

And the United States of America simply ignored it. They didn't want to mess with the Soviet Union, with Stalin ...


Just like they don't want to mess with cannabis prohibition... a ludicrous crime all based on myth and fabrications... yellow journalism... in the face of the reality, about cannabis the federal government simply ignores the harm the laws are doing. 


While on the subject, so the question is raised, why don't something like 28 million regular cannabis users in America per year, not get busted and arrested? What a loss to our penal system! It's like having 28 million zombies or vampires out there, behaving themselves, but breaking the law of the land.

The following website came by me and explains precisely why:

And finally, what's it like to do various drugs? I mean if you were an artist and was curious and wanted to paint self-portraits... well, this fellow artist did just that...

Have a good week...

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