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September 26, 2012


Fiona Apple, the singer/songwriter; musician was busted on her tour bus in Hudspeth County, TX, for possession of  3 to 4 grams of hashish - the natural resin the cannabis plant exudes when flowering. It's not manufactured in a lab, but rather, it is a natural substance.

Source: ENTERTAINMENT TODAY/Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office

The checkpoint she was stopped at is well known for getting celebrities arrested; Willie Nelson being an example at the same border patrol check-point. You'd thing the celebrity; agents would know not to let their client go through there... if they had a lick of sense and awareness.

The law is the law... here being possession of any amount of hashish beings a 3RD degree felony. $10,00 fine, 2 - 10 years in prison.

The problem with that, namely is, does the; punishment fit the crime?

The crime: "Possession of Hashish", a resinous constituent of the cannabis plant.

Justification for the crime? None scientifically established. Many drug laws are based on principal, historical obsolescence and/or plain misunderstanding.

Courtesy of the following source (highlighted), here is the break-down of arrests in Texas for 3rd Degree Felonies:

(1) Drug abuse violations 1,841,182 (2) Driving while Intoxicated 1,427,494 (aka; Felony DUI);(3) Property crime 1,610,088 (includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.)(4) Larceny-theft 1,172,762;(5) Assault 1,305,693;(6) Disorderly conduct 709,105;(7) Liquor laws 633,654;(8) Violent crime 597,447 (including murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault. (9) Drunkenness 589,402;(10) Aggravated assault 433,945 (11) Burglary 303,853;(12) Vandalism 291,575 (13) Fraud 252,873 (14) Weapons violations (carrying or possession) 188,891 (15) Curfew and loitering 143,002 (16) Robbery 126,715;(17) Offenses against family and children 122,812;(18) Stolen property (buying, receiving, possession) 122,061;(19) Motor vehicle theft 118,231;(20) Forgery and counterfeiting 103,448;

NOTE: There is zero discussion of drug violations, yet they make up the majority of felony arrests. Why is that?

Possession of marijuana, cannabis or hashish as a violation of human law is not a legitimate crime. It is clear in the Holy Bible that use of plants provided by God is legitimate. This is laid out in Genesis.

There is enough scientific fact to rescind all drug laws, as out-dated and ineffective at providing for public safety, as the laws themselves promote more harm than the plant being prohibited.

A pipe-dream perhaps...

The good news, I can hope for is Fiona Apple has the money for a very good defense team... and will fight this to the end... she broke the law, granted, but what good is a law that is not based on science? That is based on fantasy and principal. No justification has ever been provided as proof for cannabis prohibition  in fact, the opposite occurs. Beginning with: On March 22, 1972, the Commission's chairman, Raymond P. Shafer, presented a report to Congress and the public entitled "Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding," which favored ending marijuana prohibition...

Yet here we are 40 years later still putting people in prison and harassing them for use of a plant ... for shame.

Prisons are for criminals who hurt people, not people who possess a plant. 

This country prints "In God We Trust" on the back of all our money. It has been so since the late 1950's. A genius President decided "We The People" trusted in God... yet years on, it's not the atheists causing the problems, it's the evangelicals themselves, tripping over their own convictions.

God gave humans the plants of the earth in Genesis. Cannabis included. No man-made law cannot trump that. Fiona Apple is innocent under God's law, and we live in a country that abides by "In God We Trust". If that's not true, perhaps it's time to admit it, and remove it, the motto, from our money.

In support of Fiona, I am going to buy some apples and send them to my favorite politician. Obama might be one of them. My note will say something like, "Hello from Fiona - Wake up". I don't know yet - playing with lots of ideas.. 

Fiona Apple:

Stop the Hurt!!! Stop the ignorance!!!


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  2. Hashish is bad. I'm a DARE graduate and I can tell you it's 100 times worst than marijuana. Fiona Apple is innocent. She's covering for her band. Someone in her band is a drug addict. The proof is, one can't be Fiona Apple and use drugs. She's innocent.