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October 06, 2012


But First! In memory of Rufus the Rooster, who died Tues., Oct. 02, the victim of a coyote attack, along with one of his hens...

No trace of Rufus has been found... though we searched. The incident took place, it is assumed, mid-morning when Rufus and his flock of hens were across the road in the woods. It wasn't until late afternoon we realized that Rufus was missing. At that time a search was carried out. The feathers of a white hen were discovered across the road, along a path in the woods, a couple piles of feathers from the hen were seen along two parts of the path. The search ended at a stream, where the trail of mayhem disappeared. No sign of Rufus was ever found.

It should be noted that Rufus was a BIG rooster, with sharp spurs (note: right foot) and bountiful tail-feathers:

Obviously a rooster, even a BIG rooster like this, can only do so much against a great predator like a coyote. But Rufus was if nothing else, the exception... I rest assured Rufus put up a good fight and gouged out the coyote's eyes before meeting his end! He died protecting his hens... a valiant hero in the annals of rooster lore. He'll be missed.

Rufus and his flock of hens:

Predators can strike at any time. Living among chickens and roosters has taught me a lot, like they have an extraordinary sense of awareness and effective methods of communication. They make lots of vocal sounds... and to be caught by surprise by a predator is unusual, with roosters around, as they are quite astute at sensing danger.

Not so for the average American it would seem.

First up, the first official Presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Sorry, I can't post any links as all links are restricted by Federal Law. But I can post my thoughts, and it just so happened a national surveyor called and wanted to ask me a few questions with regards to my opinion.

"Hi, Acme Survey, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your response to the 1st presidential Debates?"

Me: "Sure".

Acme: "Who do you think won the debate?"

Me: "No one"

Acme: "Why do you say that?"

Me: "It wasn't a debate, it was a staged event."

Acme: "Explain?"

Me: "Since Obama took office the major agenda has been the war in Afghanistan,  Iran, Congressional mayhem and in-fighting; the economy, enforcing the War on Drugs - while renaming it as the federal public safety drug enforcement regulation. None of the questions asked were really focused on the real issues."

Acme: "So you watched the debate?"

Me: "No. I read about it online".

Acme: "Thank-you. Next question, "what question, if any, would you like to have seen posed to the the two Presidential candidates?"

Me: "Which one of you is going to decriminalise cannabis?"

Acme: "What's cannabis?"

Me: "Pot, commonly called marijuana which is a term prejudicial to the people of Mexico."

Acme: "Final question: do you plan on voting for Mitt Romney, President Obama, or not vote?"

Me: "I plan on voting for the third presidential candidate, Gary Johnson; Libertarian party."

Acme: "Who?"

Me: "Gary Johnson".

Acme: "That does not compute. Good day."


And finally - In The News... Chicago police discover a huge crop of marijuana growing on the city's south side... described as the size of two "two football fields". It was apparently near to Chicago's police helicopter dispatch center, and police helicopters routinely passed over-head over the "drug production enterprise." They can't explain the "drug operation" going on all summer under their noses. 

I can't explain it either - but given the deadly effects of marijuana exposure one would have thought many people in southern Chicago would have developed symptoms, like fevers, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, hilarity, insanity, or worse.

Again, I can't post any photo's of the publicly available photo's of the crime scene due to federal copyright regulations, though I think I can post this link for the whole story: FOX NEWS: Police-in-Chicago-Uncover-Nearly-1000-Pot-Plants-in-City.

I find it ludicrous to begin with that the article titled: "Police in Chicago became farmers for a day Wednesday as they began to chop down a  marijuana farm as big as two football fields found in the city."

Somehow I don't think that makes the Chicago police farmers. I'd select a term more akin to an invading army of crusaders for the moral right.

According to Chicago Superintendent Garry McCarthy, whose team of law enforcement officers erradicated the field of horror - putting their own lives in danger! He said, "those involved with narcotics, whether it is marijuana, heroin or cocaine, purchase firearms with their profits and have shown they're willing to use them to protect their business... That's where the violence comes in, the competition for the markets."

Yeah, 1920's Prohibition, ad naseum...

Waste of my taxes! Legalize already - Stop the Hurt!!!

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