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October 24, 2012


Frankly, I can only speak for myself here. The following posts address a long standing philosophy us humans established, to find cause and effect of being alive and conscious... Three Stages of Life (and I don't mean Birth/Life/Death) or Seven Life Stages? I'm here to discuss them both.

Comments are encouraged and welcome.

Regardless of how many stages you believe there are in life the underlying principles remain the same  The difference are in your core your beliefs... for example, religious persons are probably more inclined, I feel, to believe in the Three Stages theory. Others, just as passionate and devoted in their beliefs might find the Seven Stages more palatable.



Traditionally, if you want to believe it - they are:  Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age.

Stage 1: As a baby/child/teenager you're Stage 1;  you have no control over your existence. You may be raised in the Church of Anything and be forced to believe in the cause... but regardless, you have no control over much of your environment or destiny.  You're helpless and at the mercy of your parents and the system of education you find yourself in. You are this until age 18 or 21... the change-over isn't well defined - dying for your country doesn't count towards consumption of alcohol, most everything else though... until you take the initiative and actually move away from home.

Stage 2: Still a child as an adult in the beginning - leaving home, going off to college or war, there's no escaping the inescapable hold of family. Still, you now have some control over your own destiny. If remaining back home you'd be expected to find a job, marry, buy a home, have children, entertain family and in-laws. Your extended family might still in control of your life, though they give you some independence as time passes. If you move away, expect much the same, only from a distance, which from my experience didn't help a lot. Yeah, eventually you get older (actually fairly quickly), gain more autonomy and your family superiors die off, leaving you alone with your wife, if you have one, children too - if you have children,  who also often move away, and you're alone, most likely. Dreams, you finally find yourself asking, what are dreams?

Stage 3: Elderly... old age... over 60... you can now retire and reap your rewards in Social Security and that pension you've worked for for over 30 years... You can exercise dominion over those younger than you... you move to Florida, buy a condo, and the light will quickly follow you to your grave.

That is what's considered by many to be the ideal map for people.  Very simple. Just one easily defined road. Three simple stages in life. And the fact, some people are more "successful" and wealthy than others. Way it is. Work hard, roll the dice...

For My Next Post... 


1) Infant/Newborn, 2) Child, 3) Teenager, 4) Young Adult, 5) Adult, 6) Middle Aged, 7) Senior Citizen. Yes, this can be further extended, and it should be... for example a kindergarten aged child, into 1st and 2nd grades... distinct from a preschooler, another category, and a person aged 7 - 10, a separate cat., prior to : preteen, puberty, followed by teenager. followed by 16 to 18 year old's, then 18 to 21 years old's,  21 to 25... 25 to 30... 30 - 40,; 40 - 50; 50 - 60; and life after 60, where I have not gotten to yet. That's something like 20 Life Stages... all unique in there own way.

That in my next post...

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