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June 22, 2013


Wow, for those of you out there reading my blog, let me say thank-you and add it's not easy writing a blog! Despite spell-check, which hardly ever works, there's the matter of getting the intended thought across, as intended. It's quite the challenge, there is no doubt about that.

So how do you grow a criminal?

The answer is, it's both easy and complicated.

It's easy in the sense that the majority of criminals in our society become criminals as they have a reason to use cannabis/marijuana. I prefer to call it cannabis, rather than marijuana as, in a recent post I pointed out marijuana is a derogatory term directed against Mexican's and Blacks. Might we call it ganja, as it was commonly referred to prior to the 1930's in this country.

Ganja use, whether for purposes of medicinal use or recreation is within the top three most widely used recreational drugs used in America, the other two being alcohol and tobacco, are totally legal for use. Ganja is not. This is ironic as alcohol and tobacco have no medicinal uses, and when speaking about ganja, there is a third widely popular use for it which is spiritual, of which both alcohol and tobacco have no practical use.

In fact, when speaking about ganja, people use it for medicinal, spiritual and recreational use, and in that order. Aside from a perceived psychological addiction to use of ganja, there isn't the physical addiction noted in use of alcohol or tobacco. Yet despite this fact, ganja is a Schedule One drug by federal standards which dictates it is highly addictive physically and without any medicinal value. In contrast, alcohol and tobacco which actually do not have medicinal value and are highly addictive physically are not Schedule One drugs.

Confusing and perplexing, to say the least. But the fact is, ganja use is as popular as alcohol and tobacco, and that will not change. 19 states recognize cannabis for medicinal use, and two states have now legalized ganja for recreational/spiritual use. The federal government has simply stated states "cannot do that", and CA has seen is dispensaries invaded and threatened many times by federal DEA agents. It's all part of a war staged by the federal government to keep ganja prohibited. The rational is that the federal government stands by it's claim that ganja is a Schedule One narcotic, and bases this claim on research conducted by the National Institute of Health (funded by us tax-payers).

 The irony is, that the NIH is required by law to conduct only research into detrimental effects of ganja as that is what the law states regarding anything classified as a Schedule One drug. Yet the NIH and the federal government managed to secure a patent on THC as medicine in 2003.

Mind-numbing, to say the least... but to get back to the topic of this post. How to grow a criminal?

Criminals start out as people. Some people begin to hurt other people, by abuse of other people, kidnapping others, or downright murdering them. Some of these people are determined to be insane, while others know full well they are conscious of the wrong they commit.

A majority of criminals are criminals simply because they use, grow and/or sell ganja. Think about it. It's true. Over 60% of Americans have used ganja at least once in their lifetime, and around 30-40% use it with some regularity.  All are made and become criminals even using it one time, as use of ganja is illegal. And over 70% of those charged with crimes associated with ganja are Black Americans despite the fact that use of ganja is pretty equal across the ethnic spectrum.

Recent reports indicate 1 in 3 women worldwide are subject to abuse, and 1 in 5 in America. Is this right and is it addressed by measures of reform or mental health therapy? Hardly. The fixation of "public safety" targets the use of ganja. Alcohol use contributes to a majority of incidences of physical abuse, yet on television, alcohol use is equivalent to the American dream, to a key component of socialization. This despite the fact that a vast majority of social interactions involves thee sharing of ganja, which more often than in the case of alcohol actually promotes peaceful bonding.

So how exactly does ganja create criminals? As Ex-First Lady Nancy Reagan once said, "Just Say No". Why can't Americans just say no to drugs?  Well, maybe they can, but maybe our perception as to what to say "no" to is flawed.

Federal law implies, and many states concur, that ganja is a manufactured substance, a manufactured drug. This means that it is not a substance that occurs naturally. It implies it is grown in a lab, like meth or heroin.

Anyone who grows ganja is manufacturing it. That is the logic. Anyone who uses it is using a substance that was manufactured in a lab. Use of the substance is illegal as the federal government claims this manufactured substance is highly addictive and dangerous, with zero medicinal value. The federal government denies any benefit from use of ganja for spiritual, recreational, medicinal use. Federal law dictates that the National Institute of Health paid for by our taxes cannot research any benefits from the use of cannabis as medicine or ganja as a safe recreational substance or spiritual plant. Because, according to federal law it is not a plant, it is a manufactured product.

People are made criminals who use or manufacture this substance.

Wow. So who invented marijuana? Who was the scientist that created this substance so dangerous to humankind that people become criminals after using it one time?

After 40 years of personal research into this question, the answer to this question is undeniable.

God created ganja/cannabis/marijuana/hemp/pot/reefer. The same God that on the on all our money "Is Trusted". NOTE: on the reverse of all money printed or coined in the US is the motto "In God We Trust". When a President of the US takes office they swear on a Bible to uphold the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is the same God that invented cannabis/ganja/marijuana/hemp.

The answer to how to grow a criminal is through God... which is truly ironic... in the Old Testament of the Bible God gave all the plants of the earth to humankind. This included ganja. It didn't include alcohol as alcohol must be manufactured through a fermentation process, and it doesn't include modern day tobacco cigarettes as they are manufactured using additives and secret recipes. Ganja is wholly natural... it grows in earth, whether from the ground or in a grow facility it is a plant that grows naturally and is used in an unadulterated form.

It is also used to grow criminals. Whether this is right or wrong well that depends on federal and state laws. As to whether ganja is dangerous? No one has died from direct use of it in millennium of use, And the users are generally docile and respectable people, and there is no proof whatsoever that it leads to harder substances or promotes harm to living beings. It appears the only purpose for laws prohibiting use of ganja/cannabis are to grow criminals. And the reason a nation would want to grow criminals must be for profit. Ganja prohibition yields great profit, at the expense of us citizens.

Drink up and smoke your processed tobacco... take your pharmaceutical vitamins and other pills. But stay off the grass! Trespassers be warned!

Next Post - Marijuana and the Emancipation Proclamation - "Hemp For Victory!"


  1. Am I blind or does this plant grow in the earth naturally and is harvested and used similar to any other medicinal herb such as Valerian, Catnip, Mint, Comfrey, or any other medicinal herb that is legal. What about that don't they understand? I'm disgusted because they are treating us adults like babies, making decisions for us.

  2. Fact is, "THEY" have no reason to make criminals from cannabis!

    In God We Trust, In God we pay taxes to make criminals out of those who prefer the gifts of God.

    You can tell when a culture is in decline in that they sacrifice their own for false gods and lies.

    Thanks Cass...

    There are no adults in America, only politicians and babies...

    Pathetic, isn't it?