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June 22, 2013


Wow do we as a society have the wrong information to live our lives. I didn't really expect mind control so early in our history but I accept I was wrong on that.

Much about our current society is under assault, subject to mind control.

I was raised reading Science Fiction. Yeah, it was fiction, but it held meaning...

It's more than we can say about the modern day society that has become a reality.

Michael Phelps, the Olympian, who went on to achieve even more Olympic metals, is still scorned due to reputed use of marijuana.  You won't ever see him on a Kellogg's cereal box, not in the near future.

Imagine if sex were illegal without a government issued ID Card, a card you could only have if you were married by a licensed justice of the peace or minister of a church. Imagine if the penalty for this crime was called Fornication. It wasn't so long ago this was actually a crime - yeah hard to believe but it was. Now imagine that you're a man, and you fornicate with a woman. Yeah, I'm sure it felt good, as the man you got a pretty intense rush. And imagine if you got caught?

It was pretty common for the man to either get off completely, or perhaps, based on family connections he might have had a bit more of a problem.

For the woman however it was a serious criminal act. History is full of stories of women branded for life, imprisoned, or even executed. In some countries today this is still true. Not exactly fair is it?

First, sex between adults is very good for a person's health. Second, who is the government to enact laws telling two adults they are forbidden to have sex?

Today, unless you're a voluntary member of some devout faith, it is obviously none of the government's business if you fornicate. But still, this type of crime was actively enforced until relatively recently, into the 1970's.

Fornication laws were in effect until at least the 1960's. Society didn't faze them out until the 1970's. Think about it!

Imagine if possession, use or growing tomatoes was illegal?

It was, back in the 1600's and I'm told Sir Walter Raleigh was arrested for the crime of "growing tomatoes. The law was based on the fact that tomatoes are red. And red is the color the church paints of the devil. Not a far-fetched idea then that tomatoes were morally wrong, illegal and pertained to crime.

Healthy for you, yes, but not around the 1600's.

Then, in 1863, President Lincoln's (in)famous "Emancipation Proclamation":

It Stunned the America!

The history:

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln pressed and passed the Emancipation Proclamation Act. In essence this freed people with dark skin. President Lincoln was not proud or supportive of human slavery. However the Emancipation Proclamation Act was not entirely a result of President Lincoln's sympathies towards and opposition to Black slavery. Facts be known, Lincoln had plans to send all Blacks back to Africa.

Fact remains he abhorred slavery and despite his plans, felt Black people were human. Hard to imagine that "civil rights for Blacks" wouldn't happen for real until the 1960's. That the idea that skin color changed the person was believed and tolerated. Unfortunately, it still is.

The Emancipation Proclamation was more than an act to free Blacks, it was a military decision, precise and focused. President Lincoln was smart! He may have been a back-woods lawyer but he was very smart! What was one of the things that kept the North from winning the Civil war? It was that the south had an abundant supply of hemp.

For reference purposes, today hemp is known as marijuana. The hemp plant - cannabis sativa or cannabis indica, where the sativa variety was generally the source for hemp fibers, used to make rope and other fabrics.

Look at the poster for the Emancipation Proclamation Act, and what do you see? Under Abrahan Lincoln's image do you see the cannabis leaf impressions? Yes, that is hemp/marijuana. That poster is for real. The truth is that unless Lincoln cut off the South's supply of hemp, the civil war could not be won. Free Blacks, and the workforce the south depended on would be gone. There would be no slaves to tend to the hemp.

The Civil War was won by the North and today we thrive under the principle of an undivided nation. Yet today, still hemp/marijuana/cannabis/ganja plays a role in politics. Farmers are forbidden to grow hemp. Spiritual persons respecting the virtue of cannabis are forbidden use. Persons needing cannabis for health are predominately denied use, despite 19 states with legalized programs allowing use of cannabis.

Over 70% of persons arrested for possession of ganja are Black. Regardless, of skin color, too many people in America suffer from discrimination due to past legal issues regarding cannabis. I myself am a criminal because I was busted in possession of a pipe I found, used at a wedding celebration and found by police in my car after a bogus traffic stop.

It doesn't take much intelligence to realize that continuing prohibition of cannabis/ganja/marijuana/hemp is bad for people and our society. Yet it continues with the federal government unwilling to bend, and staying overall quiet while it wages a war on those states that have legalized cannabis.

The truth the American government would have you believe is that ganja/hemp/marijuana/cannabis is dangerous for the public. The real truth is, consumption of cannabis is dangerous to the American government. Why that is? Well that's politics. Fortunately the US Constitution protects American Citizens from fraudulent politics, or does it?

We'll see... but it requires every American to make their voice heard. Under present tallies, that's 56% in favor of legalizing cannabis for public use like alcohol or tobacco, and over 70% for medicinal use.

Regardless... cannabis is a plant, an herb, and the federal government has no right in prohibiting this herb that has killed or injured anyone. It's not for everyone, but to prohibit it from everyone is plain wrong.

Stop The Hurt. Voice your call to free cannabis. The future of this country depends on your voice.

In 1942, after hemp had been outlawed 5 years before, because of demand for hemp due to WWII, the 4H clubs were asked to grow hemp/marijuana for the war effort. Kids were asked to grow what the federal government called marihuana.


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