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June 25, 2013


[Revised for spelling and clarity of intent, June 28, 8:30PM, 2013.]

Here is an interesting (highly recommended) article to start my "Truth About Marijuana" - Part Six:

Drug War Demonizes People
But then, who the hell cares? The lines are now drawn in the sand... no matter what I say, no matter what Adrian Grenier says, no matter what anyone says, everyone knows their own truth about marijuana. A truth based on some 83+ years of propaganda, bogeyman stories of children lured to their death by drug crazed killers and youth led to waste because someone drugged them with a marijuana cigarette and they went on to crave heroin, cocaine and meth, to a life of crime, theft and murder to get their fix. 

Marijuana is the hooker down the street, the promiscuous teacher, the bad guy or girl next door. Bob Dylan sang, the song, Everyone Must Get Stoned and perhaps this means everyone must be enticed to comnit a criminal act, one that you won't be able to escape; one that leads you down the road of destruction and a life of doing nothing, hiding in your basement playing video games, seeking addictive drugs, illicit sex and rock and roll.

Yeah, it all makes sense! Though not really.

Many years ago, when I was in my early 20's, I knew a guy with long straggly hair, thin as a toothpick who was an artist who famously played spoons - yeah, kitchen spoons. And that was his name too, Spoons. He used marijuana, and so did I then.  I have no idea how old the guy was, whether he'd served combat duty in Vietnam, or nearly died of a heart-attack; all I knew is he was unconventional and odd and he used marijuana. He seemed to me to be burned out, and I wondered to myself, will that be me in ten years? It scared me!

What a fucking vicious joke, I finally found out, played on me at the time! That I really believed in that crap back then, that use of marijuana would turn me into a burn-out.

AND this was before DARE ever raised it's snake-like head to haunt children. Or me.

There are not many of us that weren't seriously affected back in the 1970's by the Charles Manson murders, the Beatles and their song, Helter Skelter, allegedly based upon those murders - and those drug crazed murders.

But seriously, in the 30 years I used cannabis, aka marijuana, I worked (full-time), had a life (a good life), saw my grades improve (a lot) in college and saw my life bloom and found myself prospering; not once have I met a marijuana user bent on harming others or who was into the violence such as DARE would have you believe, as our federal government would have you believe.

Not once did I meet a fellow cannabis user that their only motivation was to shy away and waste away in their basement, to drop out of society (though our laws made many do exactly that through criminal arrest records and incarceration). What I saw were creative, intelligent, techno wizards, artists and writers who not only cared about life, but were motivated to do good and their very best.

After the last time I saw Spoons, I moved on with my life and after a sort time, I never gave burn-out a second thought; until I turned 50, that is, eight years ago. It was then my connections to buy cannabis dried up. So I took to drinking rum, vodka and beer, in excess.

Until that time I drank one beer a day, or maybe two, and less than half a joint a day for spiritual and therapeutic reasons.

But at 50, suddenly I watched as the world around me believed that using a plant like cannabis was a sin, but that drinking and prescription drug(s) abuse was okay. Hell, even hanging games for a rush was deemed relatively okay compared to cannabis use. The feds War on Cannabis was turning out to be like no other war. It was a war implementing mind-games, the kind stalkers use.

As we speak, I received a e-mail recently from my state senator, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, espousing a new Senate bill:

The Hoeven-Corker Border Surge Amendment:
 Dear Friends, (she writes),
Yesterday, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to begin debate on a "border surge" amendment to the immigration bill that would finally secure our southern border and stop future waves of illegal immigration.  The tough border security provisions in the Hoeven-Corker amendment double the number of border security agents at the southern border, double the amount of border fencing, and ensure that the best border surveillance and security technology is in place.  The measure also requires full implementation of E-Verify, further discouraging illegal immigration by making it nearly impossible to work in the U.S. illegally.  I encourage you to read the below Myth vs. Fact section, which includes facts about what this amendment does and counters some of the false information you may have heard.

Frankly, I'm damned opposed to building walls along the Mexican border! Why not the Canadian border? Did any of the 9/11 terrorists enter through Mexico? No they did not. Two came through Canada, however, no walls are being pushed along our Canadian border. So what gives?

What gives is, since the early 1930's, we've also been at war with Mexico and those immigrants seeking a better life north of the border. What is coincidental is these Mexicans used and grow cannabis/marijuana. What happened is in 1937 the Marihuana Tax Act outlawed the stuff, to target those Mexicans and attempt to stem the flow of immigrants, and to target Black Jazz musicians who allegedly were seducing and having sex with our White women.

The Marihuana Tax Act obviously failed to stop the flow of "illegal" immigrants from Mexico. Instead it created the body-snatcher's invasion comedy called "Reefer Madness", which ultimately was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, and led to President Nixon's infamous, War on Drugs, and (First Lady) Nancy Reagan's, "Just Say NO"... except that it excluded saying NO to alcohol, tobacco and other legal madness.

So now, today, 20,000 addition border agents will soon be added to the 20,000 agents that already patrol the border between Mexico and the US, along with the additional building of several hundreds of miles of more wall, pedestrian walls, as they're called. And for what purpose? The Berlin Wall was a pedestrian wall too, and one of President Reagan's famous quotes was "Tear It Down".

The number one goal of the wall, I surmise is stopping the influx of cannabis from Mexico, the number two goal is stopping the prohibited influx of cannabis from Mexico, and the number three goal is impressing Americans that the federal government is tough on illegal immigration and marijuana from Mexico.

If cannabis were legal in the US, as I believe it should be, Mexican's could legally grow cannabis, export it, and it could become their billion dollar lifeline to increased prosperity and a decline in the illegal immigrants seeking that better life in the US. 

But instead, what do we have today? Troops and walls... the DOJ raiding state medical marijuana dispensaries, national wire-tapping, IRS targeting of special interest tea-party groups, drones spying over America, inequality based on cannabis discrimination, firms and companies that profit from drug testing and, social cleansing, by way of drug tests, primarily for those who prefer cannabis over alcohol ... only cannabis metabolites remain in the body for up to or exceeding 30 days, while alcohol, or even heroin disappear within a day or two. The rational is, cannabis is the gateway drug... and society needs to be cleansed of that gateway population. So where does it end?

It doesn't. The fact is, the truth about marijuana is that it is especially profitable to the US Government, the alcohol and tobacco industry, the penal system and Big Pharma.

So yes, the lines are drawn in the sand. I think people believe mostly I think what they were raised to believe, so yes, to many, marijuana is still the enemy, the destroyer of youth. By that logic, I am indeed the Angel writing on my blog.

Yes, angels do write blogs these days.

Sp please, if you're one of the over 50% of the American public who believes there's reason to accept cannabis, tell your elected officials you're damn sick of this bullshit and it's time to stop building walls and time to stop spying on Americans and it's time to legalize cannabis so people can realize what peace and freedom are like.

The Truth About Marijuana - do you believe you think you know what it is? I sure hope so, because our future depends on you knowing the truth. At the rate we're going, a nuclear bomb is nothing compared to what the feds can do to stop the legalization of a plant that brings peace and love, and not war.

After 80 years fighting Mexican immigration, do you really believe building walls and militarizing the Mexican border is necessary?

Why didn't they think of this prior to the terrorist attacks of 9/11? Why was a wall never on their list prior to then?

It's because, marijuana comes from Mexico and prior to 9/11 the feds felt they had the American public sufficiently scared of marijuana... until 20 states decided to legalize it in some form or fashion.

Think about it, that's all I ask. Why a wall, now???


  1. We all need to stand up and speak truth to power as you have, Bob. When people get riled up and take to the streets (there are more of us than them), then real change happens. Your piece is a well-written expose of the true nature of our Orwelliam War on Drugs, whcih, from the beginning has only resulted in corporations getting richer while making criminals of the most peaceful among us.

  2. Another good post Bobkat! It's true it has a lot to do with politics and people's superstitious beliefs about "reefer madness"...if those beliefs weren't such a problem, it would be laughable.