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November 05, 2014


Just a short essay...

In New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan was reelected. A sad thing. Hassan may be very good at some things, but human rights and dignity are not one of those. Her opposition to to the law she signed legalizing medical marijuana, with severe revisions is what I'm referring to. In all of NE, New Hampshire alone, is refusing to adapt to the science, to the reality; the "Live free or Die" state is choosing death. Though not all of us.

Speaking of which...

Also in the news...

South Portland Maine legalized up to an ounce, by a 52% to 48% vote. Portland legalized two ounces last year. May be two years ago now.

Oh, and, Alaska and Oregon legalized "recreational use". California decriminalized it to possession as a civil offense, a fine only, I believe. The whole state. That's now four states with legal marijuana, and at last count, five individual cities in states where it is still mostly illegal.

Scott brown was defeated - that's another Good thing!

Ups and downs...

I learned long ago to choose your battles. I have them. Marijuana decriminalization, and store purchased commodity are my goal. It's time to seriously question the War on Drugs, and definitely time to get past the War on Weed! 


Think dandelions...

Very nutritious and medicinal.

We've fought them for years, only people don't go to prison, get criminal records, ruined lives.

End the War and Stop the hurt!

Please sign the petition here,  endorsed by me:


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