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May 23, 2015


720 represents the time in the morning that Monday through Friday I must leave for work. 7:20AM.

420, oddly enough, many people don't know the meaning of it. But we'll get to that in a few minutes.

720 to many means - these days - killing themselves slowly at the job. I'm talking about a job where likely there are too many managers, too few workers. Many companies downsized around the great recession created by Wall Street around 2008. These companies created more upper level positions to "manage" workers and made the number of workers less. More for less... yet this was at the expense of promotions to manager. As if managers can satisfy clients, as it takes workers to do the job managers delegate.

The result is a dysfunctional, silent epidemic of disgruntled employees trying to do their job while being micro-managed by too many dysfunctional managers. Managers believe they're being screwed by workers, as clients are complaining of poor service. With fewer workers, and more disgruntled managers and CEO's it becomes a vicious circle. No one is happy!

The solution is obvious... downsize the number of managers and/or increase the size of the work-force.

Solutions... such an easy word to speak...

420... the bane of government leaders... but ironically so similar to 720.

Managers again with different titles. Now called governors, senators, representatives... our government.

Representatives to ensure the continuation of the "Greatest Democracy" on Earth, ever, by human beings.

And yet there's an easily cured cancer that has undercut this democracy. It has wreaked havoc on a subculture that goes back a 10,000 years. 420 is marijuana...

And although the problem is easily cured, the terms are unacceptable to "the managers".

The issue at stake appears to come down to one of "public safety". The purpose of a good government, as is true for managers of a company, is to ensure that employees have a safe environment in which to work and produce. The goal of government is to ensure that citizens are free and happy, productive and healthy. That the Constitution lives and represents the People.

Yet, during my entire life, marijuana has not only been illegal, it's also been the priority focus of those that "serve and protect" us. Our federal government still insists marijuana belongs in the Schedule 1 category, meaning it is one very dangerous plant without medical use and extremely addictive. Yet 23 states have legalized use as medicine, and 3 states and several cities have outright legalized use.

Recent news was about a man convicted of growing/cultivating marijuana... in prison, father is on his deathbed. When the man requests leave to visit his father the state judge says no. There's the case of the child who revealed in DARE, that his mother uses licensed marijuana for a health reason - the state took the child away from his mother. The list is extremely long... and in my opinion, based upon my experiences from the past 60 years, it's a form of genocide.Infringement into and destruction of a whole culture.

The problem is again one of management and having the ability to see the light. No one is protected by laws that create an unsafe and unproductive environment. Marijuana prohibition is no different and under the circumstances - those based on sound, scientific studies, and many generations of empirical evidence, prove that marijuana prohibition is the crime, not the use of 420 itself.

To read more about 420, click here for a Wikipedia link: History of 420

The whole purpose of my blog is to Stop the Hurt... not rant and rave... to that end I simply say it like it is. The resolution is simple... but few of the managers want to implement the cure. Sad.


1 comment:

  1. Well said. Good comparison. Also recently in the news, the story about the boyfriend who choked a 3 yr. old child to the point of hemorrhaging the baby's face, eyes, and chest. He gets 6 months or less? WTF??? Something is seriously wrong with our system.