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May 30, 2015


I should have, would have done a lot of things differently if I had my life to live over again. I don't. None of us do.

I'm certain now that I would have become a mortician.

As everyone knows, being a mortician means there's no shortages. You're never out of a job and I would imagine it's peaceful work.

Peaceful is good.

Mental health: I've seen therapists since HS. Seriously on my own around age 20. I learned one hard lesson however - that many people with mental health issues never seek treatment. As my mother once said, "Only sick people seek help for a mental illness".

The old ways believed mental illness was the exception to the norm. Mental illness is not like a bug or disease. Something dreadful must have triggered it, and most people would avoid and shun the person. They were locked up in asylums. Called crazy. Insane. 

For a normal person today to admit to a mental health issues is like asking them to accept and admit they are seriously flawed! How sad, that is not the truth.

Although the masters of mental health: Jung and Sigmund Freud...

Mental health is scary stuff... going nuts! The fact is in the mid-70's mental health treatment saw a renaissance. Self-help books numbered in the thousands and people in there 20's and 30's devoured them... many also took advantage of the new wave of therapists and counselors who had apparently sat idle for years.

This was not true of those who were older; who still saw mental health as a shameful, hideous condition. Unlike medicine for a sore throat or a physical illness, anything mental was compartmentalized, hidden away.

I find today that the majority of people still have a hard time discussing mental health when compared to the flu or common cold. Still I'm optimistic... For all those who do see a therapist, seek medical help, discover herbs that help, this comic makes me laugh:

This one doesn't... 

How insane is it that that there is a naturally grown plants that has so many therapeutic and medical uses, and it's still damned today by namely, our federal government, as the most dangerous, useless and addictive drug on the planet. Presidential hopefuls for the most part thrive on anti-marijuana campaigns. Despite nearly a hundred years of modern experience and 10,000 years of empirical history proving marijuana is not the dangerous, gateway drug it's still proclaimed to be, by marijuana prohibitionists, exactly what it's not. It's like parents who refuse to vaccinate their children... with a mountain of scientific proof it's safe and effective. 

The most likely antagonist is mental comparisons of marijuana to alcohol, tobacco and hard drugs. Marijuana scientifically, mentally and medicinally is in it's own class. It does not make one drunk; it does not increase a high with more doses. It is not physically addictive like tobacco. People commonly accept months or years without marijuana, many times detrimentally, but there is no "cold turkey". It's simply hard times without. No withdrawal.

As for any link to hard drugs... the link is obvious... it's generally bought on the black-market. Anything goes up for sale there.

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